Just joined. Anyone have recommendations for tech or music accounts to follow?

@hoof Welcome to the fediverse! Try searching hashtags for #foss #OpenSource and whatever #music genres you’re into. Also try the #introductions tag and consider posting an introduction of your own.

@ghost_bird @hoof after checking the introduction tag you can also check #trunk. it is a directory of folk in fediverse by topics of interest. :) Welcome to the fediverse.

@eylul @hoof Thanks, but I’m afraid a lot of people here don’t appreciate tools for mass following or scrapers. Unless that database is opt-in only?

@eylul @hoof ...I see it is opt-in only, though, so that’s fine. Sorry for the sharp response but there’s at least one instance out there scraping profiles for a database - I had to suspend them.

@ghost_bird @hoof oh no no, it is a valid question to ask but yeah trunk existed from early days of fediverse, and is not a bot. :)

@ghost_bird @hoof Trunk is VERY manual and VERY opt in. To add yourself to the registry you poke one of the maintainers politely in a DM (or the DM the bot who also I believe just forward your request to a maintainer) and ask them to add you (or remove in case of a move etc) to some lists.

It is intended for people who want to be open to be followed by new people.

(deleted and redrafted due to typo)

@ghost_bird @hoof and don't miss to add #newhere, established many years ago, a bit before Mastodon actually.

@hoof welcome. #Infosec has some good people every now and then, if you're into that. Generally, browsing through hashtags is a good strategy.

Specifically, I would recommend @djsundog @sir @cjd @cwebber @jerry @dredmorbius @alcinnz @Are0h @Gina

These should get you started.

Follow broadly, block and mute liberally (wordplay half-intended). Be the social media algorithm you want to see in this world. :blobcatcoffee:

@rysiek @hoof @djsundog @sir @cwebber @jerry @dredmorbius @alcinnz @Are0h @Gina

Hrmuf so people are following me for actual infosec info and not, like, abstract political commentary, terrible music links and silly polls ?

uhh, don't use sprintf() kids.

@cjd @hoof @djsundog @sir @cwebber @jerry @dredmorbius @alcinnz @Are0h @Gina I thought "infosec" means "informed sectarian", an enlightened political party member.

@rysiek @cjd @djsundog @sir @cwebber @jerry @dredmorbius @alcinnz @Are0h @Gina less than 24 hours on Mastodon and this is the most vibrant discussion I've had on social media to date. kudos to you all.

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