@onyourfarleft I'm referring the the author of the articles in your pictures.

I hope you get paid too though, because it'd be pretty sad if you were doing it for free.

Haters gonna hate 

@captainepoch It's very good when it comes to projectwide search/replace, and multiproject.

A few releases ago they started putting a ceiling on its memory usage and forcing garbage collection when near it... if you have 8GB and above you can even use it now.

@onyourfarleft It's wonderful the pseudo-intellectual who writes that garbage gets paid for it.

@tkt058 "Agreeable" is an older way to say nice to be around. It's usually used to describe how people make you feel. "She made tea, and we spent an agreeable afternoon chatting." "Disagreeable" means the opposite.

"Grand" is an older word used to describe things that are rich or expensive, or larger than they need to be. A "Grand piano" is a large piano used for concerts.

@tkt058 A "convention" means a way of doing things that is common, maybe not by law but by culture. So in the West, it's a common convention to shake hands when meeting.

"Conventional" means one of those normal and expected actions. So, "After she left school, she took the conventional path into University.". "Unconventional" means to go against the expectation. "She shaved all her hair off for the graduation ceremony."

@tkt058 "Mere" is word indicating the speaker thinks the subject is not important, it's more or less an insult. "He's not going to talk to a mere student."

"Steep" mainly means difficult to climb, like a hill that gets high quickly, or stairs that go up a lot on each step, like, "The stairs were so steep he had to rest halfway up."

@tkt058 'abundant' / 'an abundance' means there is a lot of it, maybe more than you can use up right away. "Tokyo's metro has an abundance of lines.', 'The Korean restaurant had abundant side dishes'. 'This year the garden produced abundant eggplants'.

@tkt058 'compulsory' is used to mean something that must be done, it is not 'optional'. "Wearing a mask on public transport is compulsory." 'Compulsion' is to use force to make someone do something. So the deeper meaning is you will be forced to do it.

'splendid' is pretty exactly subarashii. "The saba sashimi was splendid."

@tkt058 'rigid' / 'rigidly' means something is hard and won't bend. "The boy sat rigidly next to his relative." It's also good for doujinshi translation...

'Harsh' means something is too strong or painful. You can get a 'harsh winter' if it was colder than expected. A 'harsh punishment' is worse than expected. 'Harsh chemicals' do more damage than expected. 'Harsh words' are more hurtful than expected.

@tkt058 "Intensive" / "Intensively" means something done a lot at one time. "She studied intensively.". "She spent the evening in intensive study."

@tkt058 "tentative" / "tentatively" means you are not yet sure, but you want to start to decide or move forward. You might change your mind. "I made a tentative decision to try to help."

"Alternate" has two meanings. 1) Another way or choice. "The main course was steak, with tofu as the alternate choice.". 2) To switch between two options in turn. "He tended to alternate between anger and depression".

@tkt058 I don't know if this will be helpful, but...

"complimentary" has two meanings, 1) "for free", like "The hotel provided complimentary tea and coffee in the rooms.".

2) It also means 'different things that fit and work together well', like "The taste of fried food and beer are complimentary".

"Confidential" means you are being told something and you must keep it secret. "He leaned over and started to explain in a confidential tone."

@kevincox switch / case / default pattern, and discrete tests for 'this' and 'that' ending with else or explicit goto, make a natural place for the code to flow to if none already matched.


@dick_turpin mm Fedora favours Flatpak. Base Fedora also has packages like debootstrap and apt / dpkg, it doesn't mean they are the recommended way.

Snap remains a Canonical thing.

@mdhughes It's the fault of the author for not admitting it's meaningless at the start...

@matthewbischoff You can only accurately estimate what you have already done before. Everything else is just guessing. It's better to make a soft range estimate and promise to update it at intervals as you learn more about the problem scope, or more likely, the requirements change.

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