I have started a campaign of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - a less intense sequel. So far so excellent.

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“if you make your living through political commentary or something, then muting doesn’t make sense. But if consuming political content doesn’t make you money or make you happy (often, it makes you unhappy), then why expose yourself to all of it?” robkhenderson.substack.com/p/w

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The data on cannabis use in young people (age 12-18) leading to schizophrenia and psychosis later in life even after cessation of cannabis use, are striking, concerning & lend balance to the idea that cannabis is harmless or better b/c it is “safer than alcohol”.

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I’ve come up with an interim solution to the queuing issue to see the Queen’s coffin in Westminster, let me know what you think, it’s not perfect but I don’t see anyone else coming up with anything

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True. My Pixel 6's fingerprint scanner is terrible.

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In-display fingerprint scanners are not living up to the hype. By @[email protected] social1.lifesavvy.com/social/h

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I was taught Oath tonight by @[email protected] It's as complicated as people say, but it plays smoothly in practice. It's also shorter than expected. The, artwork, shifting allegiances and victory conditions are all very special.

Enjoyed my first game of Nemesis. 3 hours.
Not really my kind of game, but it's way better than Space Hulk or Battlestar Galactica.
Played with enthusiastic and experienced teachers, which made the game much more fun.

Struggling with the rules for Anno 1800 and A Few Acres of Snow.
Martin Wallace makes streamlined, tight games, but his rulesbooks *suck* for learning.
Thank you YouTube.🙏

Chartae is a super-light abstract from Reiner Knizia. Takes about 5 minutes and is very small and cheap. The box blurb calls it a haiku.
Reminded me of Carcassonne the Discovery.

I enjoyed The Game of Thrones The Card Game. My first "Living Card Game". I've always been repelled by the business model of Magic The Gathering and the excessive messy complexity that comes from that, so this is a cleaner alternative.

10+ years ago I split my Facebook friends into two categories: cool/not cool. I let my "not cool" friends see my photos but not the nerdy stuff about games, films etc. I did the same with G+.
Twitter Circle is the same but simpler. ✌️🤓

Recording games at BGG
I was taught Chrononauts last night and enjoyed it for a silly, but fast and thematic game. Turns out I also played it 13 years ago, but had *zero* recollection of it. I only gave it 3/10 back then. Maybe I've played too many soulless euros recently?

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🎬 A new Geyser project is live!

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How will we survive in a world after trust? Could Bitcoin be the answer? From the director of This Machine Greens and co-produced by @[email protected]


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• How Alcohol Impacts Cells
• Hangovers (& How to Reduce Them)
• Alcoholism, Binge & Habit Drinking
• Maximum Amount to Safely Drink
• Leaky Gut, Cancer, Fertility

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Chernobyl the accident shows that, even in a worst-case scenario, the health and environmental risks of nuclear are small.

Chernobyl the cultural phenomenon shows how dangerous nuclear can be.

Here’s what you need to know:

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Bi-annual public service announcement:

If you want to avoid 95% of promotional spam in your inbox, just set up a Gmail filter that moves any email with the word "Unsubscribe" into a separate folder.

Welcome to a clean inbox.

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