imagine programming shitty js toys on youtube to impress 12 year olds for a living

oh no

i think bad apple finally made me a weeb

decided to finally properly listen to it after hearing about it and i am fully hooked where do i sign up for more

what if


wanted to be


but god said


Am I the only person here scared to use more of my server's resources?

Currently, the CPU is pretty much idle while the RAM is around half-full according to htop, with the biggest processes being this Pleroma instance and it's Postgres processes. (Also Unbound using 100 MB's of RAM, probably because of the enormous block list I hacked into it's config)

I am pretty sure this server can handle a lot more, but I always have this thought in the back of my head saying "but what if some page got very popular and killed my entire server?"

I really wish I could get a beefy enough server to not care that much about it (and maybe host more demanding stuff too while at it), but I don't think that will be possible in the near future.

why is computer hardware so expensive all i want is a 64 core cpu to shitpost on please

went outside for five seconds and i am already fucking burning

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