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please let me know if you fall into any of these categories so i can block you

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all the blender default cubes that get deleted end up in minecraft

all caps 



DON'T HAVE BOTS THAT CLOSE ISSUES SAYING "version x is end of life please open a new bug thx"

Cyberpunk 2077 devs "have been spending week ends in the office and doing 16 hour days pretty much since June 2019"

"We have no idea what we are doing but we (CDPR) have infinite cash and we fix everything with more crunch."

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we need eugen to announce domain blocks more often, all the nazis just instantly reveal themselves

Unironically listening to never gonna give you up its still fire

Woo! My throwaway birdsite account seems to be suspended, probably because I used Nitter and a "list" to view the site and they probably couldn't get more ads in my face!

I wish I could, like, dedicate myself to do a single thing for more than a couple weeks. I ""need"" so many things yet I dont trust myself with being the one making em

i am currently using youtube-dl to DOWNLOAD MUSIC

suck it riaa

dear twitch (the site, the streamers don't really have choice)

you have amazon backing you
stop being so fucking cheap
transcode *ALL* streams to at /least/ 380p

thanks: bad internet person

I hate myself for both making this, and sharing it knowing it's not funny at all to everyone except me a couple hours ago where I thought this would be a hilarious idea.

the only connection on the house is SO FUCKING CRAP that firefox actually redirects me to about:neterror sometimes, instead of just telling me to fuck off with the proper url

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i wish my crappy barely-considered-a-modem had qos settings so i could throttle the crappy youtube channels my sister just keeps fucking watching

buying: hug
offering: nothing of value

serious inquiries only !!!

It’s almost like corporations and rich executive billionaires are a massive and repugnant detriment to society as a whole and if workers were given equivalent value to what they put out in to the world, everything would be a much better place. Weird!

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i'm 100% illegally downloading and somehow editing that part out holy FUCK

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