are twitter and discord down at the same time

hi i forgot about mastodon skjfhgkjdhfgs

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fascinated w/ how most people have split into this very well defined line of thinking "ultdirk bad altcallie good" while im like they've both done whatever the fuck they wanted none of them are objectively "good" by whatever standards you're utilizing and id go as far as to say altcallie has done as much if not more "reprehensible" things as dirk lmao neither of them is a balanced storyteller they have too many imposing desires

clearly their relationship is NOT a kismesissitude... vrissy's insults to tavvy have no bite, and tavvy never even tries to get back at her. vrissy feels much more comfortable sharing feelings with tavvy than she does with harry anderson, and tavvy seems much more attuned to her. they're a lot softer than traditional kismesis would be, and there's no rivalry between them.

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i was thinking about how vrissy's relationships with harry and tavvy really don't fit the quadrants they're labeled as, and i was wondering "why on earth would she label tavvy as her kismesis" when it dawned on me: she's the daughter of two rebel leaders and he's the heir to crockercorp. of course it would be more socially acceptable for them to be kismesises.

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. Needing to go
apeshit for the
Space players 🤝 Light players

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the candy and meat versions of the characters are implied to have different shit going on, but imagine we skip ahead a couple of months in the meat timeline and find that jade and kanaya have hooked up but are trying to stay hush hush about it because its nothing serious, its nothing real, its just comfort, they understand Loneliness, and kanaya looks at her wedding band and her heart still aches just the same. she still loves rose. so whatever shes doing with jade is just temporary. right?

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god, the idea that the candy timelines big conflict-filled romantic arc for the adults could end up being jaderosemary is exciting. the fact that theres a chance my girls get to be the messy and angry and painfully in love maelstrom at the center of the storm is too much for me to not want to indulge in. its the vampire/human/werewolf conflict that younger me would have killed for

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hs2 did a great job leaning into jade and rose having a weird as fuck dynamic. we never get to see any development of it because their whole relationship would happen sequestered away from the viewers gaze and we still dont know all the details and i think thats funny. like, they clearly care about each other, but whats the extent? wheres the line? how confusing is the wuhluhwoof drama here? do they even know?these are the big questions, folks

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jade and rose love each other the same way jake and dirk do, which is to say in a way that its spinning a roulette wheel with stripes marked Pain and Ecstasy with a very small sliver that says Understanding. they both sabotage the wheel in their own ways, sometimes on accident and sometimes on purpose

vrissy is the daughter of two of earth c’s rebel leaders and how tavvy is the heir to the crockercorp empire ... they can be little a star-crossed lovers, as a treat

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pippin: mom im trans
jade: oh epic!!!!!
pippin: also check out what i can do
jade: youre not doing anything
yiffy: how about now?
jade: what the fuck

i don't know why i'm going crazy over this ship now

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vrissy is really watching the nuclear family and the quadrant system fall apart before her very eyes like. vrissy's coming of age story. i'm so excited. i'm so excited.

me wondering why i'm so excited about vrissy's character arc and then remembering that my family is also kind of falling apart and i'm also navigating feelings that don't fall into the romantic norms i've been raised with...

like!!! i am so excited to see vrissy figuring out her feelings and her romantic life while navigating a changing family situation and establishing her own identity!!!!!!!!!!!!

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