CW Harry Potter mention 

this lovely cat earl is making up for the fact that debbie’s son’s adult girlfriend is making my father take the fucking hogwarts house quiz

pov your divorced parents listen to you but not to each other

My mother knows I like revolutionary girl Utena so for Christmas she gave me this?. questionable “official” Utena Calendar filled with. definitely not official art that is clearly stolen and a lot of it is weirdly sexualized and I can’t even send images of some of it tbh. She said “it looked weird to me but I didn’t know what you were into these days. It said Official!” there is no publishing company name or anything on this book and she refuses to tell me what website she got this from.

vast error spoilers 

baby yikess stocks are going up (first two edits by @galaxymooing and the third by@vriskadyke ). yikess cancel belongs to me floosh eemogi belongs to helen.

religion, christianity 

was showing my wife awkward worship music and christian parodies tiktoks and youtube parodies and it saw this one and said "JERMA?"

twitter keeps recommending me stupid tweets. what the fuck is this person talking about.

asked my best friend who also happens to be my ex to help me train over the break to be ready for fencing club next semester. i'm going to be this image

last night someone I didn’t know referred to me as “she”, then paused and looked at me and asked “wait, are you a he/him or something, what's your deal” so i feel like i won a little bit

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