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Hello! I am from and back with a different username to keep my birdsite identity alive here.

I'm a trained mental health counselor, ex-advertising & marketing creative person.

I'm here because the birdsite triggers a lot of anxiety & self-esteem issues for me because of its toxicity and it's becoming difficult to talk there without the fear of being attacked by even the "woke".

I toot random, everyday stuff, observations about humans and mental health and tv show/movies.

Suddenly the religion of the criminal is more important than the crime and the victim.

#newindia is here already. Accept it or not!

#HyderabadHorror #rape #crimeagainstwomen #india

A couple of days ago, a female vet in Hyderabad in India was gang raped and burnt. Her body was found next to the highway.

On the same day, in different parts of the country, more women were gang raped.

Indian women are terrified out of their wits. What is the procedure to leave this country?

Just seen in a job posting for a healthcare company:

“It goes without saying that only true hackers need apply, we live by the motto “move fast and break things”.”

What the fuck is wrong with software tech company?

Birdsite's blowing up because a white dude said he doesn't like Indian cuisine.

How is this even a problem?

High empathy, without boundaries + Strong problem solving skills = A Human Recycle bin for other people's problems.

exit interviews for unfollowers because we all wanna know what post finally pushed them over the edge

Please share some documentary recommendations? True crime or mental health related. Pls pls. Thanks!

Also, even if there was a "skip" option for facial recognition by Xhaayos, this is NOT OK.

1. There's no info on their data usage so it is NOT informed consent

2. Most ppl don't know risks of giving facial data, so portraying this only as a convenience is disingenuous from chaayos

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#fediverse, I need your #help!

I work for Mama Cash, an amazing NGO that supports women, girls, trans and intersex rights. We have an environmental justice portfolio that funds those that suffer the most from climate change. Unfortunately we're almost out of funds, so we're trying to raise at least 20K.

My goal is to raise 500 euro. If you can, please help by donating:

The largest donation will receive a personalized gift from me 🎉


oh you're #cis? name their top five genders

Hey Mastodon. If you want to just vent and not get advice, use the content warning feature and type "no advice" in the text box. It's common practice on Mastodon servers. :)

@sophistoche I like this idea, and it reminds me that there's a really good collection of interviews with older trans and GNC people here:

It’s #TDOR today, and I feel a little bad for not really knowing what to say. It’s funny that being just before my birthday, it’s the first thing that reminds me that I’m about to turn a year older.
I guess I’d just ask each cis person reading this to read/watch/listen to at least one detailed autobiographical piece by a trans person today. I don’t think it’s much to ask. Let your remembering be in learning and empathy of the lived experience, not just hearing names and dates of death.

4. We don't know what kind of other data this facial info is being linked to. We don't know what kind of info this data will be compared with from other external databases
5. Biometric info is a permanent username+password. Should not be used.
6. This is sensitive personal info. What kind of data security practices does Chaayos have in place?

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. @Chaayos doing facial recognition instead of OTP. I took this video today.

1. No terms&conditions displayed
2. Consent isn't real when there's no opt out option
3. We don't know if chaayos will sell this data/gives itself the right to

More 👇

On , I would like to recommend the show .

It's about the trans community in the US in 1980s.
It has beautiful drag.
It shows the brutality and the oppression the trans community faces.
It shows how shunned by their family, they form their own kinships.
It shows their resilience and strength in the face of it all.
And the desperate fight against AIDS.

For , it is available on (S1) and (S1 & S2)

I think I use less of because most of what people talk about here is Indian Politics and I am don't want to engage with that content for a while at least. It is tiring and it doesn't help my mood.

I am just looking for fun shit to read/watch/talk.

With increasing corss-posting from twitter, what we fail to understand is that, the much-needed interaction on Mastodon is reducing. It is a good time to keep interacting and talking here. Engaging on Mastodon will motivate others who haven't joined the network already to make a move.
I know that most people have a huge base on Twitter and it's difficult to run and manage two networks simultaneously. But this is time. To change something, it takes efforts and time. Let's keep engaging here.

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