Talking about my name:
During a brainstorming with friends we came up with much more funny names and word plays for a chat service, mostly in german. Short excerpt:

Chatterinchen (german comic)
StarChat Enterprise
there-is-no-chat (Matrix movie)
Backchat Boys (you still know them?)
German proverb: When there's a chat, there's also a way (or pony) πŸ˜€

+++ +++

+++Jabtrix Newsflash+++

Ok guys, you guessed it, William Chatner is NOT my real name!!

Could this actually be a copyright infringement?? Am I going to jail now??
If I am not tooting again within the next 72 hours you know what happened...

But honestly, this is a strange world, if this service becomes more popular I might have to get legal consultation πŸ™„

+++ +++

Honestly, I did not expect so much feedback for my first two toots.
They got like 20+ boosts, thats amazing!
Thank you everybody for your support πŸ€—πŸ₯°

I get the impression that what I am doing with my project actually makes sense. (didnt expect that either) 😎

+++ +++
+++ A free XMPP service +++

Dear Fediverse,

My personal opinion: every day someone is NOT using Facebook or WhatsApp, is a good day for mankind.

Thats why I am going to promote my new, free, privacy friendly chat service a bit via this channel.

Sometimes there might also be a funny or intersting toot among them - Sorry for that in advance. 😏

Happy chatting,
Yours, William Chatner

+++ +++

Hi, this is William.
I wanted you to know that today my XMPP service went online - free to use for everybody.

Join us and be free from WhatsApp!! πŸŽ‰

More details and account registration:

Have fun

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