Gonna reblog these. Seems like a good day to remind everyone to register and VOTE!

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I’m going to post information on how to from each state. I love seeing the protests all over the country, but if we don’t vote, it won’t matter.

Alabama: sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/

For many on the anti-abortion side, the extremism and cruelty are the point.

These laws make them feel like winners; powerful; dominant; god-like. They feel like righteous warriors for their faith. The women and girls affected, because they would seek abortions, are their mortal enemies. Thus, they - the women and girls - deserve to suffer or die.

Banning abortion will kill women and girls. It's immoral and stunningly anti-Christian for a nation with a large constituency claiming to be "pro-life" and “Christian.”

Will we learn from another country's mistakes? First abortion, then contraception, then gay marriage. People need to wake up. We can make our voices louder, vote, and vote with our dollars. This has to stop.

Poland Shows the Risks for Women When Abortion Is Banned-
Poland’s abortion ban has had many unintended consequences. One is that doctors are sometimes afraid to remove fetuses or administer cancer treatment to save women’s lives.

Hunter Biden, GOP, Gun laws 

You can’t take the GOP seriously. They are not a serious political party.


As a Democrat, I’d certainly not argue that my party is perfect, holds all the answers, or will solve the myriad of existential issues we all face with the snap of a finger.

But I do look at the alternatives (do nothing or vote GOP - basically, six of one, half dozen of the other) and I see a foreboding future. The Republicans have orchestrated a continued rollback of rights that are now cascading down on people trying to live safe personal lives in this country.

Further entrenching power to corporations, increasing fear and division among our people, removal of safety nets for the vulnerable and the working and middle classes, obliviousness to environmental disasters: this is the future the GOP promises, proclaiming that their actions will make America “great.” I certainly hope that the public can see that this so-called future is bleak, dismal, and lacking vision.

Vote and vote them oit.

Opinion | The GOP spin on gun rights is wrong — morally and legally-

Musk, Twitter 

Hilarious! aka can’t afford to buy Twitter, so he’s trying to weasel his way out of it.


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