won in Democratic primary. We need Dave Wasserman in the Fediverse!

If you want to know why your health care costs more and delivers worse outcomes than in other countries, why employers treat employees like serfs and why it’s easier to get ahead in most of Europe than in America, you can thank racism.

For almost 400 years racism propagated by the rich has kept poor White people from making common cause with poor Black people. And in so doing, they gave away their power and opportunity.

Opinion | Why racism is bad for White people-

Hungarian leader also tells Republicans at Budapest conference that shows like Tucker Carlson’s should be broadcast ‘24/7’

RT @guardian@twitter.com

Viktor Orbán tells CPAC the path to power is to ‘have your own media’ theguardian.com/us-news/2022/m

🐦🔗: twitter.com/guardian/status/15

So you’re telling me that Elon Musk had a private plane staffed with women who were expected to provide sexual favors?


Time for Ginni Thomas to face consequences and Clarence should be impeached.
Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, pressed Ariz. lawmakers to help reverse Trump’s loss, emails show washingtonpost.com/investigati

🇬🇧 Hello everybody!

We are a new #band from #France. We write intimate songs with mystical ambiences, influenced by oriental music, soul, and trip-hop.

Fadouha is a singer and percussionist. Before Fadyalma she collaborated with Eesah Yasuke, Lyna PunchLyn, Leila Kama, Mystraw…

Coming from electronic music but with eclectic tastes, Arnaud plays keyboards and creates the arrangements.

We're happy to join the creative community of fediverse!

📷 Photographs by Alexandre GHESTEM

🇫🇷 Bonjour tout le monde!

Duo de #Lille en France, nous écrivons des chansons intimes aux ambiances mystiques, inspirées par musique orientale, la soul et le trip-hop.

Fadouha est chanteuse et percussionniste. Avant Fadyalma elle a collaboré avec Eesah Yasuke, PunchLyn, Leila Kama, Mystraw…

Issu de la musique électronique mais aux goûts éclectiques, Arnaud joue aux claviers et crée les arrangements.

Nous sommes heureux de rejoindre la communauté créative du fediverse !

📷 Photos par Alexandre GHESTEM

#introduction #introductions #présentations

The honest answer is that there isn’t much either party can do about inflation.

We have an imbalance between demand and supply due to the pandemic and Putin’s war. It’s a worldwide problem and all that can be done is to mitigate the pain. Democrats are trying to do that. Republicans can't even support supplying baby formula as a group.

The Republicans never have a plan to build anything good. Remember Obamacare? Republicans ranted and raved about how awful it was and how it would ruin the country, but when asked where their health care plan was, they never had one. They never came up with a single alternative.

Republicans legislate using fear. Whatever the Democrats want or do, they get out the fear machine, but when asked what they would do: it's nothing. No answers, no plan, no helpful contributions, nothing. Just more fear. That is the utterly useless Republican Party in a nutshell.

Opinion | Psst: Republicans don’t have a plan to fight inflation, either:

paid $250,000 to a flight attendant who accused of sexual misconduct.

Another reminder that Elon Musk is a dirtbag. As if we needed one.


Mastriano is a MAGA insurrectionist and he's promised he will steal the election for Trump in 2024 regardless of how the voters in Pennsylvania cast their ballots, besides all the other rights he's also sworn to take away, if elected.

Trumpism is a spreading cancer.

There is only one group of people that can stop this - voters.

The DOJ won't do it. It's not up to them.The NY AG won't do it. The Georgia AG won't do it. Mueller didn't do it. There is no savior coming. It will take organizing and hard work.

Voters have to reject the anti-democratic, destructive, and toxic politics of the GOP. Until this happens, they will continue to appeal to the worst instincts of the MAGA movement.

Opinion | Say it clearly: Republicans just nominated a pro-Trump insurrectionist-

10 years from now, either the Republican Party will be dead or American democracy will be dead. It's that simple.

And which way we go will be largely decided in elections this year and in 2024.

Please, everyone, do your part to help America make the right choice.

@TonyStark If only we had a Supreme Court that was interested in fairness and said no to racial gerrymandering, period. Instead, we have New York courts following New York anti-discrimination law, and Kansas courts following the Kansas law which doesn't care if there's discrimination.


i think this needs to be amplified greatly because I do not think that even half our country understands what is happening here.

@TonyStark Have you heard about this? The GOP is openly trying to follow the authoritarian lead of Orban. This is insane.

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Oklahoma is 48th in education in the U.S., 42nd in health, 44th on public safety and 37th on the economy. usnews.com/news/best-states/ok

When it comes to maternal mortality rates, Oklahoma has 21.1 deaths per 100,000 births; California has 4 per 100,000.

These are the issues Oklahoma Republicans should be thinking about. Instead, they're more interested in terrorizing women and inflicting their misogyny on the people of the state.

Everyone is free to practice their own religion or none. Try to convice others that you're right if you want, but there is no to right to force self-declared religious views on others.

We are going down a fast slope towards theocracy when the views of a religious minority are imposed on others in this country that prides itself on freedom.

Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill banning abortions after ‘fertilization’-

Folks, we have a major problem here. The GOP has been saying the quiet part out loud for a while now, but now they’re using a bullhorn. This is outrageous and out of control. is a disaster.


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