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@dankwraith the joke question “why are men like this?” isn’t actually rhetorical, and the answers aren’t particularly funny

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The great rot at the heart of American society is our belief that, at the end of the day, we owe nothing to one another.

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So, , yeah? I'm Jon. I'm a bad writer, a worse musician, and a once and future podcaster. I left the Book of Faces when it showed me all my aunts were racist. I left the Birdsite when there was nothing left but journalists and Nazis. Alas, I could not resist the siren's call of screaming into the void. Won't you scream along with me? Beware sincerity and shitposts. Death before decaf.

Title card match:

Not sure if I like Fall Guys, or absolutely hate Fall Guys

As if Marx or Lenin wouldn't have been the biggest fucking posters on planet Earth.

Who was the original shitposter? My money's on Gary Larson

they call it twitter because it turns you into a twit

Okay y'all so what we're gonna do is just larp communism as hard as we can, and then once we've larped hard enough: boom, communism

Why do we hate the army, they have an esports team! They are just like us.

Reply guys be like "i sent you my opinions please respond"

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Reply guys are like fuccbois except instead of dick pics they send your their Opinions


I never said the Italian jokes were racist. They emphatically aren’t.

I just think humor built around ethnic stereotypes is base-level sus, even if the target is a safe one. It’s engaging in a rhetorical form that is quite often used for the worst of the worst kind of bigotry. Is that a great idea?

It’s like coming up with clever ways of body-shaming “pretty” people. Sure that’s not harmful in the same ways as other kinds of body-shaming humor are, but even still is it really where I want to be? Is it what I want to be doing a whole lot of?

This doesn’t rise to the level of canceling someone. It’s very far from the biggest problem. But it sticks out in a community that in most other ways has taught me a lot about using care in language.

"democracy dies in darkness"
- me when a toot doesn't get the number of boosts it deserves

Forgot the Royalty mixtape had some real bangers on it

Cheering for winning teams is for suckers

Spent like 10 minutes trying to take a selfie of this sweet new Chicago Bulls shirt I got and couldn't get a pic that I liked. You'll just have to trust that it looks rad

turning a big dial that says “HORNY” all the way up despite the uproarious disapproval of the audience. their disgust and outrage is only making me wetter.

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