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Artist: G. Larson
Medium: Ink on paper
Title: It Was Late and I Was Tired

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@dankwraith the joke question “why are men like this?” isn’t actually rhetorical, and the answers aren’t particularly funny

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The great rot at the heart of American society is our belief that, at the end of the day, we owe nothing to one another.

contrast that against my mom, who told me she didn't want to vote for Trump, but may vote Republican "because of the platform." mind you, she has not read the RNC platform, like, ever.

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talking to my dad about politics is always wild, because I never know the response I'll get. tonight I said "the machinery of capitalism is oiled by the blood of the workers," and he nonchalantly said "yeah"

Thinking about that thread the other day about freedom being overrated and I remembered my go-to question is "would a healthy society allow bitcoin mining to exist?"

The answer is obviously no, since it is actively destructive to society for the benefit of very few, but "liberty" means that people can do what they want.

also, yes, if you're reading this, I am, almost assuredly, taller than you

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I love how every couple weeks we swing back around to how tall everyone is

I don't know who needs to hear this but the human animal is an arrogant, stupid, and hubristic ape that, on a long enough timeline, will fuck anything up.

1970s and 1980s activists knew what they were talking about. No Nukes.

Fucking me up to think that when I was a kid the 60s were impossibly long ago, and now the 90s are just as distant from today

I forgot to post this yesterday, and will boost it before today is done, but we finally finished the bigger run for the chickens and now it's attached to the original one + coop because I didn't also want to build a whole ass new coop. Anyway here's Cubetopia

Glen Greenwald left the intercept because at his core, he's a messy bitch that loves drama.

folks, october is not over for another two days, but i Will get the war on christmas started early if i continue to see christmas posting

"Will you swear on the Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"

"No, but give me ten minutes to print a copy of the lyrics to Jolene by Dolly Parton and I'll swear on that?"

It has never been easier or faster to build a broken website or mobile app.

Like all legislation, Daylight Saving Time was created to specifically piss me off

i don't think god exists because i refuse to believe they'd be so flippant as to permit such an abomination to just hang around. like it's no big deal to just be a 500lb lizard with a mouth larger than my torso that's literally So Good at killing and eating things it hasn't had to evolve for ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY MILLION years

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this is a poorly executed @triz style joke, but it made me laugh so there you go

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my buddy brought some guy I'd never met to dinner. he was a real knob. he even wore a polo with a popped collar. while we were waiting for the first course, I made a joke and he nearly fell over laughing. it was a real amuse douche

I don't really have any opinions on judges in this country or how the judicial system works other than the opinions of a regular communist, but one thing I know for sure is that constitutional originalism is dumb fuck shit.

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