the back of this shirt has the grim reaper sitting on a tombstone that also reads “everything hurts”

selfie, no ec

can’t believe I haven’t posted about this sweet hat I got for Christmas yet

selfie, ec

when the squad gets matching Christmas onesies but XL just means wider

when you’re absentmindedly flipping through insta reels and you see Triz

when you don’t want to put your contacts in but your glasses keep sliding down your nose because they need adjusted

somebody once told me I looked like Jeff Goldblum so I have jokingly used the phrase discount Jeff Goldblum to describe myself. naturally I fed this phrase to the AI face generator thing, and wow I wish I looked this good

this is my "ready to get the hell out of Texas" face

selfie, ec

I went looking for a pic to use as an avi for allpro and found this one from 5 years ago that made me chuckle despite myself

selfie, ec

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