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@louisajr I don’t understand how these things are related and I’d prefer if you didn’t explain

@alex oof. plumbing repair is my least favorite project

stop scrolling and do something that makes you feel less useless challenge 2021

i don't want to work i just want to make out with babes

disappointing that the discourse is gonna become "should we take guns out of movies" and not "is it wrong to hire untrained scab labor and make people work 14 hour days with no pay until they're tired and reckless"

I got a chance to play Superhot VR today, and damn that game whips ass

Which one's the Doctor and which one's the Great Clown Pagliacci

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Which one of you's the Montresor and which one's the Fortunato

Yeah, my generation is entitled. Entitled to the products of our labor babeyy

imagine how much cool shit we'd be able to do and say and make if we didn't have to do our silly little jobs

@alex "look, if you’re an adult still giving money to your college, college is a $120,000 hooker and you are an idiot who fell in love with her. She’s not going to do anything else for you. It’s done."

@Louisa reminds me of the time I got in trouble for punching my little brother after warning him I was going to punch him if he didn't stop doing whatever annoying thing he was doing. apparently "I told him I was going to do it. I warned him." was not a strong enough justification to avoid reprimand

dumb, expensive, and destructive - that's my wheelhouse bay-bee

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a guy I work with got a humidor for his birthday and is working on becoming a cigar guy, and I gotta say, I'm a little bit envious

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