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sisyphus shutting down his PC happy that his inbox has been cleared only to log back in the next day and find his inbox is once again full

Best Mountain Goats Album?

still not over how good anime, trauma and divorce is

@Louisa the skits are all kind of bonkers this season

@sugar I might even listen to it too, like a true sicko

nerd shit 

come to think of it, fedora support was broken the last time I tried to do this, too. maybe fix the download link, or pull fedora from the site there, mate

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nerd shit 

decided to wipe gallium os off my chromebook and use chrx to install fedora, only to find fedora support is broken. lubuntu it is, I guess

writer that solves crimes
guy with ocd that solves crimes
devil that solves crimes
angel that solves crimes
fake psychic that solves crimes
real psychic that solves crimes
serial killer that solves crimes
crime scene investigator that solves crimes

Cops are so fucking useless

Blathers is great. A guy who is knowledgeable about bugs, but hates them, is such a hilarious bit

uh oh, I had an idea for a novel and I’m already falling in love with it

great news I have a new game out: upworm - a physics challenge platformer. Available for free at

masto needs more reaction options than fav. I need a hell yeah! button

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