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Terfs Netflix 

Bobcat Goldthwait: confirmed real one (from Chicago reader)


@sugar called customer service for better air. they were confused and completely unhelpful


I’m looking at buying a carbonated growler, and the number of people upset that the growler doesn’t carbonate their still drinks is…astonishing. that’s…that’s not what it’s for

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people who post a one star review on a product they bought because it doesn’t do something it’s not designed nor advertised to do: who hurt you?

a coworker told me yesterday that one of his favorite podcasts has a specific feed for paid subscribers that adds the advertisement reads BACK into each episode, because people love them so much.

and i said that i rarely ever use this term, and even now i use it with great circumspection, but that's the most unbelievably cucked thing i've heard all year.

1. be a large person
2. walk softly
3. accidentally sneak up on people and scare the shit out of them
4. ?????
5. profit

and if, you don't love me now
you will never love me again
i can still hear you saying
you would never break the supply chain

the existence of Dankwraith implies the existence of Midswraith -- who is probably a developer making recycled asset shovelware by day and plays guitar in a Wolfmother cover band by night.

also how Dare autocorrect try to capitalize a company name. in this house we do not respect brands

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If I had an extremely frustrating high pressure day where things were irritating, I would simply not be upset about it

my personality is like if a person was a Japanese import-only 7” single b-side.

no I will not be explaining this

if there was ever a question about whether I’m an insufferable person, let me tell you that it makes me very happy when I pull up an artist on spotify and none of my favorite songs/albums are on their “popular” lists

currently performing a broadway musical number in my head called “Anywhere but Here.” my dance moves are impeccable and my pitch is perfect. the audience can tell that, truly, I want to be anywhere else, anywhere but at work

why fo the ducks in my complex keep doing this
it feels menacing... threatening...

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