Guess how I initially read this?

I'd wait 70 years to be a luxurious food king too!

My coworker told the lady at the flower counter these were for a 4 year old. He was close... Just left the 0 off the end.

A year ago I was at a resort in Mexico and tomorrow I'm going in for oral surgery. My friends and I were so sure that Coronavirus was almost over too!

Old Harley is serving a maximum sentence for scratching the chaise lounge side of the couch. It's a feline felony.

This shit is so easy to dunk on, but I feel like these kinds of clips are his legal cover for when he provokes his audience into violence and hate speech against specific groups.

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Alex Jones July 4 message: “I declare a Declaration of Independence against the alien force .. that is attempting to exterminate the majority of us, and force the minority to merge with AI computers and become cyborg slaves of Satan.”


Maybe a few drinks and not sleeping for close to 36 hours don't mix!

I don't know why, but I always worry a little that the ball out drop off points won't work even though I've been doing that for the last 3 elections now.

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