I got to go to How Did This Get Made taping last night and it was terrific! (I just hope you can't hear my weird loud laugh.)

It was exactly what I wanted! Jason was throwing out shirtable jokes, June was exquisitely confused, and Paul was elevating all of it! So fun!
@[email protected]

Ha! Never even seen it!

Framed #202
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Oof, I did embarrassingly bad on today's
Framed #193
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Not bad for still not having seen this
Framed #191
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When you know you know...
Framed #190
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Guess how I initially read this?

I'd wait 70 years to be a luxurious food king too!

I wonder if @[email protected] could update their Pro 2 firmware to make a Steam mode that let's the back buttons be independent and let's us have gyro and analog triggers! Maybe make it available through their Ultimate Software? Change the Xinput or Switch setting to a Steam one?

My coworker told the lady at the flower counter these were for a 4 year old. He was close... Just left the 0 off the end.

Played some board games tonight and had a root beer float out of a stein. Pretty great pre-birthday celebration.

We played: Mission Red Planet, Quiddler, and 7 Wonders

Wow, I'm really surprised by how awful is on . My car has wireless Android Auto, so maybe it'd work better if I plugged it in. Podcast Addict works just fine, but YouTube Music stuttered and crashed twice on the way to and from my friend's place tonight.

The Dolly Parton-centric episode of is incredible. This show is something special. It's funny and exciting and thought provoking and heartfelt. It really does a great job emulating Next Gen era Star Trek plus a touch of excellent comedy.

Oh, good, I'm still awake! Tomorrow is only Wednesday, which means I have three more days in this work week and we have a looming deadline which may ruin my Labor Day weekend plans. Also it's going to be incredibly hot, dangerously so, in fact.


We're rewatching and I'm really hoping that the writer's room called the creatures from the Kalarr expanse the Cronenborg! I know that's what I'll be calling them from now on!

Does that mean team Scissors is winning over all?

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We've been playing for hours and we still haven't gotten to be the middle defending team in a Tri-Color Battle.

The is pretty fun so far because we've set up a second TV in the living room and that's been excellent fun. Though we will randomly loose our team and sometimes end up not playing together.

I've been really slow about watching and, holy shit, this is spectacular! Nathan Fielder is a genius and I can't tell how many layers of this are real and/or what is just for the audience. I won't be surprised if this ends up being entirely fake!

I enjoyed the first episode of and I'm looking forward to more. She's always been a silly, powerful, character from the time she was first introduced. I loved the Dan Slott run and this looks like a good mash up of his and other excellent versions of the character!

Are you, @[email protected], somehow responsible for this with your leaf cult town in Animal Crossing?

Cult of the Lamb trailer: youtu.be/TIGqIn2FFqs

Another good season of ended tonight and sounds like they are going to finish things out with season 5. I'm hoping they end it strong. The last couple season have been very different. I'm still digging it though.

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