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Pretty exciting! I got my order email this morning! I had a dentist appointment so I didn't check my email first thing this morning. Hopefully that doesn't delay me getting it much. has my money and I'll hopefully have the device before too much longer.

I just wanted to say I'm very much enjoying this season. I like the Hulu length freedom and I also am enjoying the direction of the stories. I really hope they get another season.

Old Harley is serving a maximum sentence for scratching the chaise lounge side of the couch. It's a feline felony.

This shit is so easy to dunk on, but I feel like these kinds of clips are his legal cover for when he provokes his audience into violence and hate speech against specific groups.

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Alex Jones July 4 message: “I declare a Declaration of Independence against the alien force .. that is attempting to exterminate the majority of us, and force the minority to merge with AI computers and become cyborg slaves of Satan.”


I thought about going and befriending the griller, but I heard multiple coughs. I think I'll just stay in here.

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One of my neighbors is grilling something delicious smelling. I'm sitting at my computer. I just beat Psychonauts 2 and now I just want some burgers or whatever is getting cooked down there. The smell is wafting up and through the balcony door.

Framed #112
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Barely, but in my defense I've not seen that one yet!

The air conditioning at work wasn't working correctly and we ended up changing rooms twice. I felt bad for the tech that had to keep wheeling around the big TV we use for the producer monitor. Hopefully they figure this A/C thing out because the original edit bay was real hot by 4pm. Probably not the best for computers to run in 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Hope the new remote editor didn't have any crashes or anything because I'm sure her machine was in a room just as hot.

Almost missed it today! Glad I got to guess:

Framed #110
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Framed #101
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Yeah, baby!

Maybe a few drinks and not sleeping for close to 36 hours don't mix!

I don't know why, but I always worry a little that the ball out drop off points won't work even though I've been doing that for the last 3 elections now.

This processing indicator is straight up messing me with. It's gone from 100% back to 99% three times already!

It's been a big night of farting for me. Some at work, a lot at home. Hopefully I've gotten them all out and I don't do an accidental dutch oven in my sleep.

Never seen this movie and I don't even think I've heard of it. I'm a bad film student...

Framed #88
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I've been wondering a lot about how became the de facto discussion destination and how weird that is. A subreddit or a instance seems much better to me. Though I suppose hosting cost is a hit against the Fediverse.

Discord is great for community interaction, but not as a place for questions and discussions on rulesets. I feel like is perfect for that stuff. Up votes, or down votes, are perfect for vetting answers and it's highly searchable. But the reputation...

Me and my bro also started watching Night Sky on Amazon Prime and it's pretty good so far. Nice mystery stuff going on and JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek as an old married couple is a true delight.

Over on the Netflix machine I watched new seasons of Stranger Things and Love Death + Robots. I enjoyed both quite a bit. Like the shorts, the show had moments that weren't nearly as good as others, but overall positive experience and I look forward to more from both!

I saw Top Gun over the weekend and it was not for me. The jet stuff was really cool, but everything else felt long and the movie sure had a lot of endings.

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