current events 

dont worry despite the url its SFW 

@Dee oh, i just search wikihow for random articles when im bored

@Dee why are you looking up how to fake a pregnancy

@Dee like 40% of the gui is your pdf and 60% is menu and 10 notifications will show up every time you breathe

@Dee get ADOBE pdf reader and make your ADOBE pdfs! download ADOBE pdf viewer now

adobe acrobat is like the worst pdf viewer out there i hate it zathura is kinda nice

@kaniini seriously does anyone know all the features misskey has

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@BadAtNames but for every website ever please

cw rude word 😳 

@packetcat this account totally isnt just for shilling matrix i swear

@packetcat sounds like someone needs matrix/riot

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WINE stands for "WINE Is bNetter (than) windoEs (lol)"

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