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being on a plane was really nice. it felt like soltitude, no internet, no people to talk to (since i sat alone), and all i had was the plane window. it was awesome. i just sat there with my music, and looked out the window thinking about life

iptv works on my school's windows computers since they preinstalled vlc on all pc's within the domain

lol i got grounded again so expect inactivity
sorry guys

why do creative, original, or actually good things that get popular have to be completely decimated by the communities that claim to enjoy them

"do you have any siblings?"
"yeah, i have a brother"
my brother:

what do you guys think if i add pictures of soda cans with cool backgrounds (mountains, flowers, anything else with nature lol) to my wallpapers

The PlayStation can produce mind-boggling effects.

i would date a girl who wants to watch druaga1 with me at 2am

i want to personally hurt everyone who talks about among us in front of me

listening to linkin park at max volume is awful for my hearing but the music is too good

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