ClojureDart update : “Slow” progress due to work. We’ve implemented PersistentHashMap and {} functions. Seqs for {} have already been implemented (twice: 1 by and 1 by me) . We still have to figure out which one is faster. We’ve also done assoc! for TransientHashMap

Has anyone of you already given Dart/Flutter a try or deeper thoughts?
Dart as platform looks pretty exciting.
Sound type system,
hot-reloading built-in,
supports to-js compilation,
AOT native binaries for production,
JIT VM for dev

Seems like a really solid platform to build on. I would be curious to find out more about the tradeoffs it takes.
It seems to be mainly designed for client-side applications. What tradeoffs does it take compared to for example the JVM or Go's design?

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