"We're still attending stand-ups every day with non programmers telling us when we can and cannot refactor. It's nuts to me that a skilled profession - that not many can do - lets themselves get micro-managed like this."

"This is actually quite interesting as I was just talking to a few other professionals about this in a social setting. I was the only one in software development."

"I mentioned how stand-ups work briefly, and that it might not be a bad idea to adopt for (for example) an accounting department to keep things on task."

"The response was both extreme and universal: How the hell do you all accept being micromanaged to such a degree? Don't any of you have any dignity?"

"Every single one of them ... were adamant that they would leave any position that managed them no better than a burger-flipper.

No lawyer, accountant, doctor, engineer, scientist or other professional stands up each day to report *to their peers* on their progress."

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