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If any dev asks me what technical skills to learn, I tell them RegEx, SQL, Shell scripting.
No matter what prog lang, these tools are available. And will be for a long time.
They are also super powerful. The most business value I produced with one of these 3.

At work we run Docker in prod + locally for dev.
We even have a few tools packaged as containers to run in CI pipelines and so on.
Setting up a customer instance is a single `docker run` command that fetches the correct config files to run the other containers after.

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If I have to run software build with many different technologies containers seem the way to go.

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I have to admit Docker can be pretty useful.
The levels of abstractions of running containers in VMs in an OS are insane. I don't like that.
But containers as packaging & distribution mechanism are pretty handy.

Now that we are all getting rid of Slack, can I ask for a platform that doesn't allow private messages? I am tired of copy&pasting questions and answers from one conversation to another. For work, can we just stick to public channels?

I am not saying this is a good idea for everything. But I am pretty sure there are many devs out there that would be more sane with this setup vs k11s or a AWS lambda stack. Managing a single VM is really not that hard and can bring you a long way.

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It might be simplistic, but it feels better working on this than any combination of Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and CI pipelines I have come across.

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A prod analytics server of ours I manage via ssh, all config files in the home directory, a big docker-compose.yml file, a readme file and the whole home dir tracked in a local git.

shell magic: "sleep until it's 1am again"

sleep $(( 86400 + $(( $(date -d "1:00" +%s) - $(date +%s) )) ))

don't quote me on any edge cases with time that this does not account for 🙈

Strolling in the neighborhood. Lots of people out today. Definitely feels like winter is coming ☀️❄️

This is what we have to face daily as developers 🙈 I often get very close to giving up 😅 How should we have any hope that we can build software anyone is supposed to trust?


Remember the upstream bug from 2 wooks ago that we said could take down the entire network? The same bug that could remotely crash SSH servers or code using RSA or x509 certs? A zero day in Go since forever?

Myeah... lemme present you the fix! 🤯🤪🤓🙃

Same in our dev workflow. The value of a repl and CI/CD are underestimated even by us that value them already :)


I still underestimate the compounding power of the rapid execution and iterated learning feedback loop.

A commitment to this, over the course of a career, is the closest thing you can get to guaranteed success.

Great this new Microsoft isn't it...


Esoteric metrics based on analyzing extensive data about employee activities has been mostly the domain of fringe software vendors. Now it's built into MS 365.

A new feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool:

We waited a bit too long. CI is always a joy to work on 🙈 Luckily we already have our own registry and "only" need to move things over.

Imagine the pain others might be in right now 🙏

I am sure Docker biz generates some good cash right now 🙃

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Docker rate limiting is fun! Seems like they now got serious enforcing it. 100reqs/6h is really not a lot.

Hades is an awesome and addictive game btw 🙏

and I haven't really played computer games in a long time..

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It makes me unreasonably happy that in 2020 my laptop came with Linux & Steam preinstalled, I can download Hades, which is only available as Windows build, then it runs flawless thanks to protondb, and I control it with an XBox controller via Bluetooth

more like world hate organization 🙄


WHO is blocking comments that contains “Taiwan” on their official Facebook Page

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