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Slack being down is, again, a great reminder to checkout Decentralized communication is pretty neat 🙂

I am looking for a new coworker! Happy to answer any questions :)


Passionate about engineering and eager to make 2021 really count?
-> We are looking for Platform Engineers (d/f/m) in Berlin/ Cologne.

Our team is dedicated 100% on improving patients' quality of life through better health information.

there is really not so much to it generating some SVGs... but nice to have one tool to target many different potential outputs

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Finally made it to play around with in
Can highly recommend. It's tons of fun
Happy Xmas everyone ❄️🎆

Search your code using Clojure spec! The full power of Clojure to specify what you are searching for. Code as data gives you all dynamic flexibilities to analyze and explore a code base.


Some really inspiration stuff! Love that you can just look at the code for all this cool art. Really awesome to see how powerful direct feedback is for the creative process. We need more of this. Basically everywhere.


I started using almost a year ago, I gathered all the steps and resources that helped me create and learn so much this year, as well as my process 🎁


Really nice article by showing how to apply convexity and optionality to the indie maker business

Also pickup some keyboard shortcuts. Especially for your editor and terminal.

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If any dev asks me what technical skills to learn, I tell them RegEx, SQL, Shell scripting.
No matter what prog lang, these tools are available. And will be for a long time.
They are also super powerful. The most business value I produced with one of these 3.

At work we run Docker in prod + locally for dev.
We even have a few tools packaged as containers to run in CI pipelines and so on.
Setting up a customer instance is a single `docker run` command that fetches the correct config files to run the other containers after.

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If I have to run software build with many different technologies containers seem the way to go.

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I have to admit Docker can be pretty useful.
The levels of abstractions of running containers in VMs in an OS are insane. I don't like that.
But containers as packaging & distribution mechanism are pretty handy.

Now that we are all getting rid of Slack, can I ask for a platform that doesn't allow private messages? I am tired of copy&pasting questions and answers from one conversation to another. For work, can we just stick to public channels?

I am not saying this is a good idea for everything. But I am pretty sure there are many devs out there that would be more sane with this setup vs k11s or a AWS lambda stack. Managing a single VM is really not that hard and can bring you a long way.

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It might be simplistic, but it feels better working on this than any combination of Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and CI pipelines I have come across.

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