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ClojureDart update : “Slow” progress due to work. We’ve implemented PersistentHashMap and {} functions. Seqs for {} have already been implemented (twice: 1 by and 1 by me) . We still have to figure out which one is faster. We’ve also done assoc! for TransientHashMap

The tech is impressive. But they should have called it How to Make California Look Like Germany.

Well played, Signal 😂
That video was the most fun thing I saw today.


Truly unbelievable. (this is an incredible post from Signal)

I can't really say I understand the NFT hype currently happening in the art world😅:
But some artworks are pretty cool 😎
Anyone of you thoughts on that?

Bees are able to perceive time. They are awesome. Human sucks. 🐝 ftw


When I accidentally send "gg" to some chat window, do people think I am a gamer or a vim user?

Oh no, now notifications are coming to


Working on new ligature idea for List users gonna love that

Finally managed to wrap up an article presenting a Crux sample application I created a while ago.
Still pretty cool tech. Worth playing around with

Slack being down is, again, a great reminder to checkout
. Decentralized communication is pretty neat 🙂

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2020 for moved from IRC to matrix is now part of the ecosystem invests in
Public sector players deploying matrix
E2E by default
Spaces... MLS... and more...

The pace of growth of is mesmerizing 🤯

Slack being down is, again, a great reminder to checkout Decentralized communication is pretty neat 🙂

I am looking for a new coworker! Happy to answer any questions :)


Passionate about engineering and eager to make 2021 really count?
-> We are looking for Platform Engineers (d/f/m) in Berlin/ Cologne.

Our team is dedicated 100% on improving patients' quality of life through better health information.

there is really not so much to it generating some SVGs... but nice to have one tool to target many different potential outputs

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Finally made it to play around with in
Can highly recommend. It's tons of fun
Happy Xmas everyone ❄️🎆

Search your code using Clojure spec! The full power of Clojure to specify what you are searching for. Code as data gives you all dynamic flexibilities to analyze and explore a code base.


Some really inspiration stuff! Love that you can just look at the code for all this cool art. Really awesome to see how powerful direct feedback is for the creative process. We need more of this. Basically everywhere.


I started using almost a year ago, I gathered all the steps and resources that helped me create and learn so much this year, as well as my process 🎁


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