's big idea is to seize a chunk of , push everyone in it back away from Türkish border, fill the empty space with forcibly repatriated Syrian refugees thus making the territory & refugees his buffer & human shield to protect Tûrkiye & push or into Syria & .

It's a plan made at a desk using maps & a ruler like UK & France carving up Ottoman empire after WW1. Inhumane. Ignorant. Stupid. Creating more problems than it could ever solve. Is Erdoğan living in 1922?

Three old men & not a single adult amongst them.

, disgraced PM, is Türkish by descent & admires Erdoğan & hoped to copy him - be a 'bad boy', cause a problem, get others to pay you to end the problem, thus win popularity at home, use popularity to destroy democracy & make you into a dictator (Sultan of a restored Ottoman empire, World King of a restored British empire).

I hope I live to see them all ruined & democracy triumphant!

Saif Gaddafi, son of the infamous dictator, is awaiting trial for crimes committed on behalf of his father and his father's regime.

Meanwhile, he is seeking election to lead Libya because who better qualified, right? And, just incidentally, as an elected leader he could fight tooth and nail to evade justice.

Democracy everywhere is constantly being debased. Libya should not let Gaddafi stand for public office.

We just have to hope no one votes for him.

Waiting for a press call, Putin was forced to stand around looking awkward until Erdoğan turned up late. This snub was payback for the time he had kept Erdoğan waiting.

It is all such pathetic childishness. This is the level these evil men operate at.

Made me laugh to see Putin humiliated but it was a bitter laugh.

See how you feel. Watch here:


# Strikes

I am in a trade union ().

Join a trade union, even if self-employed/sub-contractor/gig worker/student/unemployed/homemaker/carer/retired.

Support others, be supported. Beat those who would oppress you if they could.

the crypto-fascist let's his dirty petticoat show...

A small but powerful state - the triangulation of neoliberalism and fascism. Badenoch is the 'acceptable face' and Gove the 'acceptable voice'? Neither is acceptable to me.

Creepy thrown out of leadership comp.

Glad to see the back of her and her insane 'lets reduce the secular state to police & armed forces who exist only to protect the rich & leave everyone else to pray for a miracle instead of housing, jobs, healthcare, disability benefits or old age pensions etc etc because Jesus wants this'.

I am not even a Christian & I feel sickened!

A supposedly intelligent, educated woman - willing puppet out of vanity & ambition.

Get lost, Kemi!

We know the problems. We have found possible solutions. But broken political systems frustrate beneficial change. How do we fix democracy so we can prevent climate suicide?

I wish I knew.

Maybe it is not something a political movement can fix?

Maybe we need a religious movement - the Right is using religion to create authoritarian government & 'pray away' climate problems, poverty, sickness etc

Maybe we need a spirituality of the Left to counter that?

Gina is 100% right to sound alarm over the 'Northern Ireland Protocol Bill'. It seems to be about boring details of managing protocol over trade across border but the bill includes clauses that remove power of courts to challenge executive and allow ministers to change law without consulting parliament. Massive power grab by executive, massive attack on rule of law and democracy.

Be VERY Afraid!

My ancestral faith was rejected by my parents. I have tried to re-learn my culture. But it is hard. Mainly, I feel I am inventing rather than restoring but that is inevitable - traditions must live, change, adapt, or strangle us and if they kill us, they die.

Case: ancestral rule is 'eat seed food' (fruit & veg). They also ate some 'clean' meat. I see that as sinful. They rejected fungi as food as 'no seeds' but I eat "quorn" & other non-meat protein.

Doormat allowed to wipe his feet on him. But despite eating dirt, Biden gained nothing.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Do the have no one who understands global politics? Do they all live in a dream world?

American democracy, American diplomacy failing before our horrified eyes.

Biden will not be re-elected. Another Trumpian GOP regime in US will be a mortal blow to democracy. Only , , , plus a handful small states will be left.

What do you do if you want Leftwing policies in UK to stop poverty, stop climate change catastrophy, to stop destruction of human rights and keep the courts free of political control? All the changes long overdue to save lives and secure our freedoms?

Starmer's Labour is not on our side. Do we give up on Labour and found a new party? Led by who? Andy Burnham? Clive Lewis? Someone we have not heard of ... yet? No 'leader'?

Left is in turmoil. Again.

rattles sabres & recommends someone else goes out & fights a pointless WW3.

Fuck off!

This is hysterical rubbish - there are many policies governments can pursue to survive the 22/23 energy crisis. Societal collapse &/or all-out war are not options any sane person should advocate.

WW3 easier than a national effort to turn economy green & to increase welfare state safety net? Absolute fucking ballocks!

Is Tisdall a Tory Party Leadership contestant? He sounds like it!

Time for a break...

Leave with a pic.

Guy in blue tee-shirt. Look at his expression! Ha! Thought bubble is almost visible isn't it? "I want to divorce my friends..."

Every group photo I ever appeared in, I'm the guy at the front in grey long-sleeves - I organised this, I am trying to make it work, but I have this feeling its going to be hard, hard work and a long, long night... Fixed grin, just hold it all together, breathe.

Ha! Ha!

I can laugh cos I'm not there.

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