Done with this.

Leave with a pic.

All in all, I'd rather be surfing the sea than the net.

is only partly right about . I tooted about it before.

seems curiously stuck in a mind-tomb where they have one dead idea and repeat it on a loop.

Echo chamber, cliché - whatever you call it when stale ideas admit no fresh insight. Dull is another name.

Good article by Jones. I don't always agree with his take on stuff but he is spot on with this article. Worth a read.

is important to humans. It is sometimes religious but more often not. A daily greeting, a birthday party, a game of football all involve ritual, not necessarily religious.

Many people mock ritual, religion, social life and human 'nature' - it is a form of self-hate.

Humans need ritual like we need air or food or love. Instead of mocking/envying others rituals as no good, it makes more sense to make your own rituals that truly meet your needs.

Be creative not negative.

Pandemic is not over. Badly managed outbreaks typically enable very infectious, potentially deadly strains to develop and spread.

North Korea has outbreak to deal with. But unless well-managed this could easily develop into something much worse - and if so it will not stay in North Korea but go global.

Political weaknesses in North Korea and China are threat to world health.

Safety regulations based on need to reflect reality.

Too often 'average adult male' is used as model for all but most humans are not 'average adult males'. Kinda common sense.

Reflecting variation due to age or sex has cost implications e.g. for car manufacturers so they liked pretending one model was enough as it was cheaper.

Only downside was the death or injury suffered by car users - with those who are not 'average adult males' suffering most.

Sexism ageism literally built-in.

scheme not doing its job in stopping terrorism. Being used instead to help some individuals jump the queue for mental health services.

No surprise. Government cuts funding to bone. Remaining public services are used to pick up the slack e.g. public still get some funding but only if they replace other axed specialist services thus libraries used for mental health, preschool, job search, homeless, aged, asylum-seekers. All without training or extra resources for staff.

threaten trade deal with . What comes next?

Weaponised trade serves no economic purpose. This is not about trade. It is about future of UK. Not about EU at all. EU is by-stander dragged into internal dispute.

Meanwhile, & other foreign powers have exploited Brexit to harm EU. So does EU use weaponised trade to punish UK to punish Russia?

Its all proxy war & states fucking states.

But we, the people, suffer not the states or politicians. Damn it all.

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RT @george_kratsas: 2 years ago I fundraised in support of a home for children with special needs in Kefalonia. Today I swam from Lixouri to Argostoli and back, a distance of 5,4km. It was my way of saying thank you for your contributions and your support❤️
My next initiative


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"It feels like we're constantly tiptoeing and we're stopping short of saying that we have a white supremacist problem," said Amanda Bartley, a human behaviour researcher in Toronto.

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did people in other countries cut down all of their old growth forests because they were extremely horny for crown molding or is that just like, a us thing

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This morning I go vote in the primary, which for some local races is the final election. It’s a good day for a walk down to the school where I vote.

Also, my my new tablet holder is out for delivery. It makes a huge difference to my work setup (it’s an actual pain in my neck to not have one).

Anyway, I’m having some tea to fortify myself. Want some? 🫖

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Got an injection for my hand today, and the doctor drew a smiley face on my finger! Disappointed about the bandaid, it was just a regular bandaid. She did make a “zoop!” noise when she drew the mouth though, so that made up for it.

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The hearing follows a government report that recorded 144 cases of 'unidentified aerial phenomena' since 2004.
US Congress to hold first public UFO panel in more than 50 years
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