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I wanted to draw something. Anything, really, but I just couldn't. The blank paper stared menacingly at me. "So what will it be? A face? A beautiful landscape with mountains and a river? Pfft, you can't draw a landscape, you barely manage to do stick figures!" /1

Sol was briefly down for maintenance, we expect return to normal operations shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience and spiritual awakenings this may have caused.


There are plenty of tools around to calculate the hash of a text, e.g.

or in DuckDuckGo you can just search for the algorithm and your text and it gets calculated for you:

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Fun fact: If you want to post proof of a prediction without affecting the outcome by revealing it, you can post a unique hash of the text. Then when whatever you predicted happens (or doesn't) you just post the text and anyone can check that it matches the previous hash.

E.g. you could post
"The Suez canal: 12fac09433f6a373019fa2df3a2ad832"

This is the MD5 hash of "The ship will get stuck again"

On the topic of things shown to scale, check out this visualisation of wealth (and the absurdly unequal distribution of it)

"[Attention is] a lot like breathing. Some kind of attention will always be present, but when we take hold of it, we have the ability to consciously direct, expand, and contract it. I’m often surprised at how shallow both my attention and my breathing are by default. [...] By inviting us to perceive at different scales and tempos than we’re used to, [artwork can] teach us not only how to sustain attention but how to move it back and forth between different registers."


I love this site showing the solar system to scale. ☀️ 🌍 🌖
It really gives some perspective when the "travel at light speed" button feels sluggish!

I'm a sucker for this; infinitely zooming floral paradise painting

"It's Not Just You. A Lot Of Us Are Hitting A Pandemic Wall Right Now"
I don't know about you, but there's some comfort in knowing that it's not just me who's exhausted even if I kind of mastered the "faking that everything is okay" thing. Take care folks.

The Wikipedia article has a lot of interesting details as well (and I still recommend Sagan's book of the same name!)

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Turns out the Pale Blue Dot image was taken on february 14, back in 1990. Since I already posted it two weeks ago, I wasted my opportunity to post it the same day as everyone else!

What the heck, I'll repost the picture but spare you the quote. In case you're wondering, the little blue pixel is all of earth as seen from space

Hello people of the fediverse, how are you doing today?
Wanna share anything cool that made you happy lately? That you built or just that you liked? Let's bring some nice vibes here, it's too cold outside anyway 🥶❄️

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