I wanted to draw something. Anything, really, but I just couldn't. The blank paper stared menacingly at me. "So what will it be? A face? A beautiful landscape with mountains and a river? Pfft, you can't draw a landscape, you barely manage to do stick figures!" /1

Ouch. No I guess not. "But... do I need to draw anything specific?"
"Look at you! You're so shit at this that you cannot even come up with something to draw! Pathetic"
Rude. But the paper had a point. "Okay then. I will draw a line"
"What a straight line? Good luck, it's gonna be all wavy with your hands"
After some deliberation I picked up the pen and drew a bendy line across the paper.
"Any sort of line. That I can do. Maybe I'll add another"

A vaguely parallel line was added somewhere below the first. With some imagination it could be a mountain range in the horizon
"Are you sure you're not trying to sneak a landscape in there? You know you can't do that"
I honestly wasn't. "What do you care what I'm doing, you're a piece of paper"
"If I draw a line I draw a line"

I added a few evenly spaced vertical lines connecting the horizontal ones.
"Hah, you lifted the pen there, that one is not a connected to itself!"
"Call it what you want. Seems line-y enough for me."
Some blobs were added between the lines, vaguely evenly spaced.
"What is this supposed to be, plant cells in a microscope?"
"If you think so. I'm just putting ink on paper here"


I kept adding blobs and lines with a loose spacing pattern.
"Those blobs don't look the same. And the spacing is all different!"
"Ever seen identical blobs? Or plant cells? Doesn't matter"
I was keeping calm, but each blob and line was a slow and painful process of self conviction. Is the spacing really wrong? Are my blobs not blobby enough?

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The paper observed grudgingly as I kept doing my thing.
"What is, is" I told myself. "Whatever happens, happens. I'll just keep putting pen to paper for now"
The blobs started appearing more freely from the pen.

"So when is it finished?" the paper wanted to know
"What do you mean by 'finished'?"
"I mean DONE, when does it look like something, when do you stop drawing on it!?"
"Meh, when I stop I stop. But I can always start again."
The paper seemed to give up.

After a long while I was satisfied. Empty space above and below, and two horizontal lines with blobs between. "This is a drawing" I happily declared. I achieved what I set out to. It did have a vague similarity to plant cells...

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