I don't want to be delighted when booking a table at a restaurant, I just want it to work and I want a field to say "I want to eat outside" and a confirmation that the restaurant accepted the booking so that I won't ride 45min by bike for nothing. Thanks 😎

Since I could not find a field to ask to get a table outside I clicked modify so I think I modified it 3 times by accident since I got 3 emails. I hope the restaurant didn't get spammed too much haha. So, nope, not delighted at all. More like confused and hoping it worked 🤣

I wonder if every single experience needs to be "delightful" or if most people just "want the thing to work". Especially for "productivity" tasks like booking, emails, scheduling, etc. Reminds me of this episode by @katerutter@twitter.com and @lauraklein@twitter.com usersknow.com/podcast/2020/12/


@stephaniewalter Interesting link thanks!
It's honestly so annoying that every thing I do wants an evaluation if it was good, bad, some scale of delightful... I feel like it comes from the way most tech based companies work, relying heavily on some arbirtrary metrics like reviews ("We're data-driven!"), to the exlusion of more human ways of evaluating if they did their job well

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