@smerp I appreciate this one. Love how the pattern gradually changes from one side to the other, and a nice minimal style 👍

@jameschip I hope it's alright with my comments, I'm just curious on your thoughts as you seem to have an interest in the subject :)

@jameschip I also prefer letting flowers live instead of picking and killing them, rare or not. But I do have a feeling that (moderate) flower picking, beetle collection etc. increases people appreciation and love for nature, making them lean towards more natural protections later on

@jameschip Very nice flower inded. Is it rare in your area since you didn't want it picked? They seem fairly common around Europe

@stephaniewalter Interesting link thanks!
It's honestly so annoying that every thing I do wants an evaluation if it was good, bad, some scale of delightful... I feel like it comes from the way most tech based companies work, relying heavily on some arbirtrary metrics like reviews ("We're data-driven!"), to the exlusion of more human ways of evaluating if they did their job well

@adalbertsen Well I loved helping with those things as a kid, except when people said they wanted something fixed, they wanted it "still utterly broken but in the way I'm used to"

- "You know all this stuff, can you help fix [technical thing]?"
- "Sure!"
- "[technical thing] is slightly different now, it's broken and you did it!"

Sol was briefly down for maintenance, we expect return to normal operations shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience and spiritual awakenings this may have caused.


@jameschip They are amazing with garlic as well. For pasta you can also brown them in butter on medium-high (optionally add garlic), add cream and simmer a few minutes while cooking the pasta, mix everything and eat. Not the healthiest but super tasty! Parsley also works here


@adalbertsen honest question: How do I know when I'm actually making it up?

@Joanie Amazing work! Is the last gif a rendering or are the lights and shadows a physical object changing shape?

There are plenty of tools around to calculate the hash of a text, e.g.

or in DuckDuckGo you can just search for the algorithm and your text and it gets calculated for you:

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