You need 21 point to reach Yvonne Farlight ranked at 166
You have 66344 point(s) Rank 167

Finaly I find a place for fishing without trouble. Sometimes I arrive and it does not work. and the fishing spot if hidden

You need 186 point to reach 19Marishka64 Resident ranked at 175
You have 63738 point(s) Rank 176

You need 255 point to reach IsabelaVoyager Resident ranked at 178
You have 63159 point(s) Rank 179

slow progression

Event X4 on fishing .. nice. I show friends only and then all that is why not so many people but actually this place was full

jumping to an other fishing point and falling under the sea. This place is nice but my ranking fall too
176 now

You need 352 point to reach ZeWanderer Resident ranked at 175
You have 61748 point(s) Rank 176

feeling that I am loosing compare to

You need 127 point to reach unepetitelune Resident ranked at 187
You have 56316 point(s) Rank 188

One day ago it was 102 point


You need 102 point to reach unepetitelune Resident ranked at 186
You have 56249 point(s) Rank 187

what a nice name
Jolie nom.. Pour une fois que c'est pas un nom anglais bravo

You need 956 point to reach ZeWanderer Resident ranked at 179
You have 55724 point(s) Rank 180

950 points to reach the next rank ... arf ... it is getting hard

I try to not been ejected from a special sim. Maybe this avatar would be accepted

In people enjoy banning others inventing strange rules.

Other are hurt beeing ejected and banned.

The world is sometimes worst thand Real life

You need 30 point to reach XandraLuna Resident ranked at 181
You have 55420 point(s) Rank 182

Slow progression

: ejected and been ejected..

People who eject find fun
People ejected don't like and are hurt. They call that a game

Conversation when I am angry...

What do you think of that ?

is fishing still a pleasant activity?

This morning I was fishing quietly then I got ejected because I should be nude.

I am against this kind of rules.

that makes me so angry

Strange I receive information that


Follow me but When I check the contact I see Cancel Follow request. It is like the status is still in requested

You need 130 point to reach Yvonne Farlight ranked at 183
You have 55252 point(s) Rank 184

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