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Here's something that may be interesting for #OpenSim beginners. It explains a lot of basics which even #SecondLife users may not know yet.

Metaverse 101

Yes, it was labelled #Metaverse as early as 2015. That was when the term was pretty much only used in OpenSim circles.

Also caution, it looks like it's Tumblr-based, and all external links use referrers. You may want to take countermeasures.

#OpenSimulator #VirtualWorlds
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‘Transparent OLED for Subway Trains’ windows will likely happen whether we like it or not Advertising has a habit of grabbing any available space where we look, and if train windows are available, I’ll bet it’s going to happen any time soon. No, I’d expect it would not happen on […]


Yes I see now My address bar was hidden.

Thank you

I never meet in sl people I meet on the fediverse ..

and you?

Finaly I find a place for fishing without trouble. Sometimes I arrive and it does not work. and the fishing spot if hidden

how to copy a place where we are in . like we copy a url in the internet


Not as bad you use word I dont know and you force me to use a dictionnalry

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That is totaly me. I don't know how to express myself in writing.

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slow progression

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Good Morning, Friends!
God is on the move! He is always at work but we are starting to wake up and trim our sails to His wind!
There is a revival in Nashville TN and in Seattle Washington. God is not finished with us yet. This is a day for rejoicing!

Bluebird ranked is too fast for me
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