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Sitting in a bunker

*here behind my wall*

Waiting for the worms
to come

In perfect isolation

*here behind my wall*

Waiting for the worms
to come

day ∞

In many cultures deer are considered incarnations of deities and are believed to be able to travel between worlds.

Gamayun is a mythical bird of Slavic folklore, and besides being a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, she spreads divine messages and by falling from the sky she prophesies deaths of national leaders.
code orange

"The terminator line is the transition zone between the areas of light and shadow."

There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and a Reuleaux triangle rotating within a square

Me: It feels like the whole world is silently judging and holding a grudge against me.

Them: You're paranoid.

The world around me:

space blueberry picking music

helps you to find berries on distant planets

Calling a Dutch hospital:
"If you are in a life threatening situation, press 1"

Bоссоздание реальности с помощью английских булавок и скотча

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