this is awesome if you want to get started with backend web development:

made a cronjob that runs a shell script[0] that runs every 15 minutes to check if there are changes to my Mastodon feed, and then triggers a rebuild of my static site it's my elaborate process of getting my feed on my static site without embedding using an iframe


I can't see you anymore, I can't hug you anymore, touch kiss or pet you. but I can love you still. I will always love you Flitch.

i lost my boy approx a month ago. i miss him.


@redoak i disagree, i get pretty far just using `useReducer` and sometimes a deepmerge utility with React (never used Vue tho, but I imagine it's a similar story). i actually find Redux pretty overkill for most projects

is the fediverse good yet? 😢

@mjc i been thinking of switching to a Pleroma instance as opposed to the Mastodon instance that i'm currently on. is the UX inherently better, or is it not that bigo deal?

honestly think YouTube's "recommended" and "trending" features do more harm than good to their viewers. if you want to waste less of your valuable time, use some custom CSS to hide all that crap lest you be tempted. or use an Invidious instance

@blusterygay ALL the ones. But seriously, I use Linux on my work PC and sometimes play games on it. Proton is great! But I'm a gameophile and play alls kinds of random stuff and Windows always provides the path of least resistance.

I want to switch to Linux full-time, really, but... video games... 😔 @sir i guess i'm not as misanthropic. 🤷‍♂️

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