@kenhae I really love this on a very deep level. Truly incredible work

thanks! i thinks this a good symbol that represents the hole earth, living in our hearts, all the people being part of ourselves, no countries, no barriers, just a core full of the entire love, de beutiful and ugly dark part too, a planet united (not unified) by aceptance 💙😊💚

@kenhae :blobaww: What a gorgeous description! This is the world I want to see as well, so lovely 😍

thank you, you're comentary just make my hole day 😳😊👍❤️ and yeah, i think share is the highest thinking we can share, mercy and gratefulness are really strong feelings, and with that in mind and heart we can change absolutely everything, and that's why I'm so happy to show, to talk about the world i love to live, i still believing in hope.

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