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arcano documentalista
o acumulador nato

cual sea esta bien, soy ambas xD


vomit nations

cualquiera puede construir roma con el suficiente tiempo
pero tu solo serás puramente tu
cuando dejes de seguir el guión

you're getting my chinese cockie so wet with your snot 😂✌️👌

happynes an altered state of mind 

darkness inhaled the hate in wind

i buil my personality and opinions with my thoughts and words, if I'm mean, sorry it is not my intention. I'm just a work in progress. thanks

you can choose the color you want
as long as it is black and white

the evil just exist
we only make it be


Una vez más, y varias veces, hay que señalar dónde está gran parte del problema. La emergencia climática puede ser confrontada utilizando las herramientas de la democracia y de la organización social.


we only know the surface of everything

now I can remember in peace
i can rest in peace
for the life
i already live
now i can dive
in my holy grave
there's no grime
i just die
in my lies
a rotten hive
in my eyes
I can't hide
for this crimes

i want to cry
but i can't
my eyes are dry
and filled with dread
demons in my head
I'm already dead

halo collection now on android and iOS, interesting, interesting

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