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the dark beyond/before Ligjt

/ = conected uniVERSES

drowning in myself

the only one who dies
is thw one who lies

sleep sometimes for me cam be a 1H-3Daysprocess...i guess it's not a succes but..

levels of hate
layers of selfishness

i guess I'm just going to sleep, I have to rest, I can't keep giving me best as i would mever die ( i mean I'll die someday but I'm doing this like I'm not)

and well, I'll rest a bit, i need to pu down this chains i lil but i promise, I'll keep doing my absolutely best for all of us, i don't have to and maybe I'm not able to but for godsake i will try to.

so let's go i don't want to be a wraith anymore.
let's the faith cure this sore

this walls stroke with the weight of the entire world

barriers, of all kind
comunicacion, mutual understanding, physical ones are the common enemy of us, as a mankind but we don't see it, because it is actually part of ourselves

but this is not about erradicate
i don't blame you if you hesitate
but again, we need to comunicate
to accept the loathe and stop to hate
you're not alone in this boat
we're all om board ⛵

people are my reason to stand for and i will never stop to loving share a part of me, to give at least a little peace of me with everyone i know, everyone it's so lovely, and i wish i could hug everyone in the world...i just hope don't day before i say to everything that i love th so much. literally everyone ❤️

i just forget who am i everyday, for what I'm fighting for, what is making me not kill myself yet, but sometimes i can't remember and it's there when the things begging the be dark..sounds as a very disgraceful prank but it's actually just me, going in black, stabin my back in sort of lack panic
.. I'm the haze, I'm the mist
I'm the grim inside of me

I'm alone...but i have to feel the love of all...

la gente con disabilidades llegando mas lejos que tienen desventajas

solo ven por diferentes ventanas...


when you survive the match 10 times in a row with the girls:


RT i love the dbd community sm


Watch "Elon Musk depressed because he knows he will die before going to Mars. 😔"

you're just building an empire of fire

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