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When the professor give u too many reading assignments

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I think there's something tragically beautiful about writing unsent lover letters to your long lost crushes

The feelings that you felt for them, where you were unable to say it to them before, would finally be said, and you could finally move on

However, it still hurts to think that your most tangible expression of your love towards one of your most cherished person will forever be unread by the recipient

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a: "man, I hope that we, two people who are fake dating, don't develop any feelings for each other"

b: "but there's only *one* bed!"


Fallen London, weird horny 

Using my spirifer's fork to repeatedly remove and re-soul my partners in bed as a form of denial play.

I saw new metroid wallpapers posted on twitter and I don't know much about metroid but the colors were so close I felt like this edit needed to happen . . .

as I'm waiting for New Ava Art to be invoiced and final version sent to me to show off, have some old but v.good stuff!

@fluxom_art and @Draekos respectively are the artists

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