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The vilest thing imaginable to man 

Just put this bad boy in my cybersecurity presentation

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Yeah I know how pussy works, I've read erotic fanfiction.

is it gay to steal? I mean you're literally giving or enjoying (a kiss) that is unexpected or unnoticed. 😳

bad web-erotica line i just came up with 

[insert name here] is such a stud, their pee is V I R I L E

Headmistress of a middle school where one of the first @CoderDojo was set up told me today the kids are really advanced now. Robotic education vendor came to her school and said their gear looks like children's toys in comparison. Self directed education is powerful.

need something? steal it!

- food
- car
- house
- music
- movies
- medicine

a pale devil stole a whole continent, so think big!

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ฝากรีด้วยครับ Crewmate ทั้งหลาย
There are "several" impostors AMONG US.


i think one of the reason why distributed platforms like fediverse and lbry hasn't taken off into the mainstream is because they are created as an alternative to apps that has come before like twitter and youtube.

a distributed app can become mainstream by the first of its kind and present a solution that is unique to distributed platforms

Fellas: is it gay to mutate? I mean you're literally undergoing mutation. ☕️🤔

broke: 's drummer is likely , since both of them are a highly skilled drummer and multi-instrumentalist

woke: 's drummer isn't louis cole, which means there's another talented drummer who's skills is *on par with/if not surpasses louis*, which scares me

Guys, is it gay to rearm? You're basically equipping with better weapons.

ควรลอง MS Edge บน GNU/Linux ไหมนะ 😅

Job hunting during a pandemic when your clown car of a government is determined to make life as difficult for you as possible is EVEN worse.

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