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@NintendoAmerica@twitter.com They ported a mobile game and bumped up the price by 7 dollars

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Looking good...

Just kidding I suck ass at pixel art lmao

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Retweet if you’re born before Mario Kart ds

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Can't believe this isn't in the news, magic exists!!!

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ok but how did she do it

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Fever mode comebacks 😳 I think I really like Paprisu's dropset now.

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Will you be tuning into PAX Online next week?

Don't miss an early look at Adventure mode in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2!

Check out the complete schedule here:Β online.paxsite.com/schedule.

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@PuyoOfficial@twitter.com So happy to see you guys are back. Just wanted to show this cake I had on my 16th birthday :D

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