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Meet Kiki. She purrs loudly, mrows softly, and is already a world-class cuddler.

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"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." -Alice, Alice in Wonderland

I drew some geckos!!! Mostly as a study for my reptiles anatomy class but I also put them as stickers on my redbubble <3 Thank you so muchhh @scoots @Rheall for giving me idea to draw them, they are very fun and expressive creatures ;-;
also my rb:
#mastoart #reptiles

trans win! the sign up for more information on's upcoming dating platform includes nonbinary!

UPDATE: Just finished the level for the first time ever! 14-year-old me would be so proud. 🏆

Playing Dixie Kong's Double Trouble with my daughter, and just as I suspected, I still cannot get past Tidal Trouble. Still having a blast tho.

Karen-ass neighbors lookin out their windows ready to call the cops on us over some grocery store fireworks... 😒 BITCH I'M JUST TRYING TO CELEBRATE AMERICA BY BLOWING UP A BUNCH OF SHIT. As is TRADITION.

Speaking of #books, I want to plug the #Bookwyrm instance I'm on. (I don't run it. I'm just a user.) It's Dans Mon Catalogue:

If you read books, join the Fediverse's answer to Goodreads.

The main instance ( is overcrowded and doesn't render properly on non-mobile devices. So instead, get thee to a smaller, more personal instance.

Dans Mon Catalogue is a nice small server. Give us a try!

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