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Meet Kiki. She purrs loudly, mrows softly, and is already a world-class cuddler.

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"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." -Alice, Alice in Wonderland

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2 hours into naptime and chill, ur kitty looks at you like this. Wyd?

My new phone is getting to know me... Typed the word "well" and predictive text suggested "shit." Good phone, nicely done.

These vitamins taste like suboxone and it's grossing me the fuck out.

what was the best part of Animaniacs?

For communist organizers: How to appear “working class”:

•leather boots
•hook for hand
•parrot on shoulder
•wait, no, that’s pirates. fuck.

Kiki's favorite toys so far: ribbons, blankets, and her own feet. Happy :blobcat:

me: [says literally anything]
my brain: haha oof that one probably should've stayed in the drafts, chief

hot take 

"Seals are just dog mermaids." -my 5-year-old

音乐家与指挥家的谱子 r/classicalmusic u/historiavitae



// art by thinklumi

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