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Meet Kiki. She purrs loudly, mrows softly, and is already a world-class cuddler.

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"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." -Alice, Alice in Wonderland

Current mood: dystopian capitalist nightmare hellscape

When I was a young dancer, I was jealous of other dancers' bodies. Then, as I got older, I became jealous of other dancers' bodies of work. Now that I'm approaching 40, I have no more time or energy for jealousy. I rejoice just as much seeing beautiful dancing as I feel dancing myself. There is no need for competition or comparison; it all enriches the world.

Learning new witchy rituals in celebration of Beltane. Yes, I know yesterday was May 1, but I was busy frolicking around the maypole and didn't have time for any spells. What're y'all up to this fine day?

That shim sham at the end tho 💕 Bumping this cuz I'm dancing on stage for the first time in over a decade next weekend. Not sure if anyone gives a shit but me, but I'm super jazzed about it & also very, verrry nervous. Trying to channel the energy of the masters, the smooth sophistication of movement, & the showmanship. Now I gotta go practice. Tap gods pls smile upon me, amen 🙏

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⭐️Cool Rat Facts⭐️

-rats name their babies
-rats are ticklish and younger/baby rats like when you tickle them
-mother rats tickle and sing to their babies
-rats giggle when they are tickled
-you can teach rats to do tricks, and also litter box train them
-humans sense of taste is most identical to a rats
-rats want to hang out with you, they're curious about the world and also they want your attention

and most importantly:

❤️Rats love you❤️

All I want for Mother's Day is for my kids to get outta my ass for a few minutes

also in the facebook memories,

ah, the mood of a year ago....... when i ordered a physical copy of animal crossing and it got delayed in transit

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I told my student to have fun with the assignment.

And she sent me this meme. 😂😂😭🙈

Pomeroy enjoying one of his favorite treats, a jalapeño core. Birds are immune to capsaicin, and plants like chilies produce appealing fruit full of it to encourage birds, which distribute seeds over wider areas, to chow down. If you like spicy food, thank a bird!

max weber cites this really long passage from ben franklin's autobiography where he goes into great detail about how you should always be investing your money. essentially your one uninvested dollar could have turned into two, and those two could have turned into four, etc, so it is wasteful to leave any dollar idle. franklin was famously secular but it is interesting to note that protestantism sees idleness as the ultimate vice. so effectively investment/speculation is the way you apply this ethical principle to your money. anyway once you notice this pattern and how it weaves through american thought you will never unsee it

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