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Pomeroy enjoying one of his favorite treats, a jalapeño core. Birds are immune to capsaicin, and plants like chilies produce appealing fruit full of it to encourage birds, which distribute seeds over wider areas, to chow down. If you like spicy food, thank a bird!

max weber cites this really long passage from ben franklin's autobiography where he goes into great detail about how you should always be investing your money. essentially your one uninvested dollar could have turned into two, and those two could have turned into four, etc, so it is wasteful to leave any dollar idle. franklin was famously secular but it is interesting to note that protestantism sees idleness as the ultimate vice. so effectively investment/speculation is the way you apply this ethical principle to your money. anyway once you notice this pattern and how it weaves through american thought you will never unsee it

selfie, ec 

@Prof_Trixie Oh, adorable, lol 🙈 Good thing you caught it in time, eh?

selfie, ec 

This is my face. Ignore the mess in the background; I live with barbarians. 🤷‍♀️

Current mood: ready to start a commune where money doesn't exist & we use the barter system like the good ol' days

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Another garf one. I don't wanna go to work tomorrow. ✌️

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