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As a kid I used to have this recurring nightmare that I'm late to play practice and then I show up and it's opening night and I'm the only one not in costume and I've never even seen the script, and I'm pretty sure that's where my impostor syndrome started

again, Kiki Baby! And what are we nesting in today? Aah, my hair. A fine choice, to be sure.

Current mood: dystopian capitalist nightmare hellscape

U.S. Politics 

From birdsite but a goodie:

Tweet from (a)queersocialism says:
"scientific socialists be like 'i know a place' then send you to the (attached below) google doc with quite *literally* hundreds of radical articles/books on a wide assortment of topics/fields of study with included free pdf links that’s updated weekly"

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An interactive exploration of Hieronymus Bosch’s baffling tryptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, with close-ups and audio descriptions of details you might not have seen in smaller-scale reproductions.

Burning some sage and balancing some energies tonight. to all! 🍂 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑

its been a terrible year so i think we should extend Halloween season to November 30th to boost morale

gratuitous cat pic 

Look how big she's getting! Still loves to use me as a mattress.

I am generally pretty open minded, but I can't understand people who get on the world wide web and then get mad when their worldview gets widened.

anyone in the #portland area looking for a roommate? I can pay $400 in rent

i need to move out of a very abusive housing situation before being evicted from not vacuuming and mopping everyday (yes this is serious)

boosts are appreciated! :boost_ok:

thank you!

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