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existential crisis 

Another garf one. I don't wanna go to work tomorrow. ✌️

"A security guard tailed me on my walk home tonight,” Ms. Gorman wrote on Twitter. “He demanded if I lived there because ‘you look suspicious.’ I showed my keys & buzzed myself into my building. He left, no apology."

"This is the reality of black girls: One day you’re called an icon, the next day, a threat.”Ms. Gorman said in another tweet: “In a sense, he was right. I AM A THREAT: a threat to injustice, to inequality, to ignorance. Anyone who speaks the truth and walks with hope is an obvious and fatal danger to the powers that be.” #AmandaGorman

Amanda Gorman Says Security Guard Confronted Her, Saying She Looked ‘Suspicious’

P.S. He's 6 and I don't want him to wreck his beautiful skin, so the make-up is a sometimes thing. Mostly we need help putting outfits together.

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So my son just came out as a femboy and I could not be more proud ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈

Anyone got some fashion/makeup tips for this clueless ol' lady? We've been looking at TikTok and Pinterest for inspiration.

Hi, I just wanted to remind you: Don't forget to drink something :)

@jordyd lol this reminds me of "how long does a snail sleep for?"

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