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I had sum wheaties an I'm ready to beat a bitch's ass. Who's gunna line up. /j

Slept until 4 pm... Can I get a "pog moment"?

One o my fav groups released an album, but I tend ta also listen ta shit that makes yer eardrums cry (very loud) n I don't think I'm ready fer tha damage jus yet. /j

I actually AM too sexy for this skirt. *tries ta fling it off flirtatiously but fails horribly

Me when I can finally get onto hrt (hare replacement therapy) and become bnuuy: 🐇

Our 6 pound cat steps on my shoulder as I'm layin down an I fold inwards like a lawn chair:

disability thoughts 

Me, wonderin if I can use tha C word in relation to our physical body:

Our body, in constant pain, uses disability aids, is impaired by pain n motor/mobility skill issues daily:

... Nah, I don't think so. /lh

lewd shitpost 

Nice nutz bro. Nice cock even. Rlly lovin that. Ya wanna go lift weights together later er sumthin?

sits backwards on chair and do you know who was the first person to sit backwards on a chair? that's right, je

Fun Beck fact: I type tha way I do cause it's easier on my brain ta translate this instead o "proper grammar", cause this is how I talk if ya were ta talk with me. When I've had ta type normally it literally hurts my brain n takes me forever. I got mild dyslexia so it's easier ta type badly.

I kno it also probably doesn't translate well fer screen readers, an I'm srry fer that. /gen

Beck being petty-ish over on tha masto today

Bitch I werk with kids an they're nicer than tha adults that act like em. How are ya not embarrassed o yerself

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Boggles tha mind that grown ass ppl jus act like offended 5 yr olds as a constant. This ain't aimed at anyone here er any friends we have. Ppl are jus stupid as hell sumtimes. 😹

Update: Tha headache has spread ta my left eyeball. Holy hell.

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Damn, this headache rlly has hands. I got ibuprofen n tea tho. 🥊

Cap'n Crunch box that jus says, "Oops! All Bullshit"

So far I've made us a sammy, done laundry, an baby talked to our cat n dawg. So I think I'm startin strong.

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