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I had sum wheaties an I'm ready to beat a bitch's ass. Who's gunna line up. /j

I also made a fire n am tending to that rn. Masculinity at its finest. /j

Did sum 30 min cardio in this flea body, n we did rlly well! Proud o us! 😸 We don't got any coordination like I do in headspace. But it's sumthin we can work on.

Would like ta try n work tha body out 3 times a week. Get conditioned! πŸ’ͺ

We've gotten very little sleep as o late, and this helps none. Body is a mess. smh

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Whoever thought it was cool ta start construction work at 3 in the fuckin mornin needs to meet these fists, an then meet god. Why tha hell can't you start that shit at a normal hour?! Or jus not right across from my fuckin bed?

Every day I cry a lil tear cuz I never got ta meet (or kiss) Peter Steele. This world is a fuckin cruel one. Let me have my bf fer fucks sake 😿 /hj

Drew myself...! Digital drawing is actually pretty fun. I got too tired to color. :>3

So much fashion has skinny white people as models. πŸ˜• Where tha hell is yer diversity? Damn!

I radiate sexuality an lust at every given moment. It's a shame ya aren't in my vicinity to gawk. πŸ‘Ž /j

We also got that uh, presumably arthritic, pain flare. Ain't that tha life.
I kno anyone can have pain and joint issues, but it makes me feel older. An I'm already old. 😾

I had sum wheaties an I'm ready to beat a bitch's ass. Who's gunna line up. /j

Gender (or none) is stored in tha gynandromorph butterfly.

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gynandromorph butterflies. Perfect fer all yer gender needs. Even nature can show ya that gender isn't one certain way. I like that.

an a sorta christmas lookin mandala. Fun colors tho. 😼

My buddy& suggested I draw one, it was fun.

my NFT theory: birdsite is gonna get so engulfed by them that tweets themselves are gonna become tha NFTs. Yer tweets will be sold fer quick an dirty cash. Yer favoritie tweeters will sell screenshots o their own viral tweets.

(this is a joke btw. but it still feels possible)

kinda cold tonite. Either that or our body jus has no temperature tolerance at all. I think it's tha second one. We're a chihuahua or sumthin. brr

I jus want our nuggets to get here so I can let tha body calm down with a rest. guess we've been through tha ringer. But I also like nuggets. Makes it almost worth it.

Glorified colonialism an celebrating a baby that died a real long time ago. Woo hoo. /j

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man I was inside fer a long time. It's November now yea? That's whack. I find most holidays in tha season boring as hell. πŸ™„

Bro sumtimes being an alter is kinda shit. I don't think my job ain't cushy, but when ya come out after another is in a panic tha body still feels it. So I feel it, an it makes no sense.

Passin on tha symptoms as a coping mechanism 😹 I'd rather take it I guess.

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