Finally a sequel worth being a Predator movie. My only complains are that it retcon the origin of the Predator 2's flintlock pistol, and the comical huge Predator head/neck/hands.

We are going to rename Monkeypox because it's discriminatory and stigmatizing. There will be no Xi Covid-19 variant because it's discriminatory and stigmatizing.

The new heatwave is called Zoe.

News feeds: multiple new trailers at SDCC.

Me: Nah, not interested.

News feed: She Hulk trailer...

Me: Nah.

News feed: ...with Daredevil.

Me: I'll watch

I wonder if... (Thor: Love and Thunder spoiler) 

... the reason the girl is using Stormbreaker is because she's not worthy for Mjolnir.

I've finished three chapters, when it was originally meant to be a one chapter long short story.

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Books I read this year [part 3 of X]:

[Naomi Novik] The Last Graduate (The Scholomance 2)
[Genevieve Cogman] The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library 1)
[Higashino Keigo] Salvation of a Saint (Detective Galileo 2)
[Higashino Keigo] A Midsummer's Equation (Detective Galileo 3)
[Higashino Keigo] Malice (Police Detective Kaga 1)
[Higashino Keigo] Newcomer (Police Detective Kaga 2)
[Gillian Flynn] Sharp Objects
[Chris Panatier] Stringers

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Recently got motivated to write a short story, but the idea in my head don't translate well to words, didn't get pass the first paragraph.

Day 24 of using Mac for work... Safari has no built in funtion to hard reload!

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Day 22 of using a Mac at work... There is no way to refresh the Finder other than to go out and in the folder, or force quit it?!

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No matter how bad a novel is, it's a reminder that I can't write anything better.

Maybe this is a bad time, but "SP" (stands for Security Police) - a Japanese TV and movie series about politician bodyguards is good.


Adobe: Flash is no longer supported, click this to install this to uninstall Flash.


Adobe: Flash is no longer supported, use these instead. (Adobe did not uninstall Flash...)

I just recall what my dream from last night was about: that new 2022 Saints Row game...

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"Life is a horizontal fall."

Jean Cocteau
(07/05/1889 – 10/11/1963)
French writer, filmmaker ("Les Enfants Terribles (The Holy Terrors)")

I thought I have more to complain about using Mac OS, then it turns out the problem is Adobe Dreamweaver.

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Fucked, still "42 minutes" after 39 minutes

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Day 16 of using a Mac at work, I've made a mistake, I restarted the machine...

"47 mintues remaining"

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Day 15 of using Mac os for work, I found out how to move files using keyboard keys (cut and paste for windows) , why must it be so difficult?

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Is there no cut off date for feature request or correction in this company, at the 11th hour, client is still asking for text change.

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