This is a great poster for promoting decentralized #Reddit alternatives! #Lemmy #fediverse


@Rynach A weird thing about Reddit alternatives is how so many of them are political segmented. As a non-American, I don't care about Amercan's perception of what's left and what's right. I don't like to see politics being brought up online social community.

Lemmy - obscure and leftist
Hexbear - leftist
Saidit - I think is rightist

Reddit itself has USA politics, but it has enough population and content that I can pretend politics don't exist there.

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@kopio I'm not similarly so heavily invested in politics. Compared to those other two platforms, Lemmy has brought more users who have other interests than just politics. Lemmy is also decentralized, which means that no monoculture should form around a single subject; there may be some obscure and communist instances but also instances that are general-purpose (like mine) or for specific hobbies.

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