Day 9 of using Mac for work, finally found something I actually like about Mac OS. When you press the minimise button, it hides the app.

Day 13 of using Mac OS for work, no new update, still hating it.

Day 15 of using Mac os for work, I found out how to move files using keyboard keys (cut and paste for windows) , why must it be so difficult?

Day 16 of using a Mac at work, I've made a mistake, I restarted the machine...

"47 mintues remaining"

Fucked, still "42 minutes" after 39 minutes


I thought I have more to complain about using Mac OS, then it turns out the problem is Adobe Dreamweaver.

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Day 22 of using a Mac at work... There is no way to refresh the Finder other than to go out and in the folder, or force quit it?!

Day 24 of using Mac for work... Safari has no built in funtion to hard reload!

2 months plus into using Mac os for work. Fuck

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