Currently watching a movie, no prize for guessing it right. But...

Two scientists noticed a worm molted into something bigger and has gone missing. No one cares.

Scientist realised worm/creature is very venomous, doesn't care that she has no idea where the deadly thing is in the same lab she is in now.

She dies very quickly later, no surprise there.

Random quote from one article: "... with the company believing there was no longer a market for solo [game] experiences".

Random news from another article: Bethesda re-release Skyrim on Switch at a full price.

Hmm, I wasn't aware there's a new Interview with the Vampire TV series, it has an interesting premiere, it is both a sequel and a reboot. Maybe I should go re-read the books, I never got around reading the later books.

Am I learning it right? The do_action add action, add_action do the action?

Started watching Cyberpunk Edgerunners because I've heard it's nice. Three episodes in, find it pretty boring.

Hmm, Cyberpunk Edgerunners used Franz Ferdinand's "This Fire" as opening theme song, and butchered it.

Feel like it's hard to find a good movie now-a-days, from July to now, I've watched:

- The Black Phone
- Thor: Love and Thunder
- Prey
- Nope
- Cracked
- Fall
- The Invitation

And only one of them is prefect in my mind.

anime showing volume 14, me just started on book volume 1

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All I did was removing the commented out test scripts, now it's not working.

Nearing the end of the working hours? ✓
Friday? ✓
Product close to launch? ✓
Product already handed over to client for their inspection? ✓
Suddenly broken for no reason? ✓

2 months plus into using Mac os for work. Fuck

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Finally a sequel worth being a Predator movie. My only complains are that it retcon the origin of the Predator 2's flintlock pistol, and the comical huge Predator head/neck/hands.

We are going to rename Monkeypox because it's discriminatory and stigmatizing. There will be no Xi Covid-19 variant because it's discriminatory and stigmatizing.

The new heatwave is called Zoe.

News feeds: multiple new trailers at SDCC.

Me: Nah, not interested.

News feed: She Hulk trailer...

Me: Nah.

News feed: ...with Daredevil.

Me: I'll watch

I wonder if... (Thor: Love and Thunder spoiler) 

... the reason the girl is using Stormbreaker is because she's not worthy for Mjolnir.

I've finished three chapters, when it was originally meant to be a one chapter long short story.

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Books I read this year [part 3 of X]:

[Naomi Novik] The Last Graduate (The Scholomance 2)
[Genevieve Cogman] The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library 1)
[Higashino Keigo] Salvation of a Saint (Detective Galileo 2)
[Higashino Keigo] A Midsummer's Equation (Detective Galileo 3)
[Higashino Keigo] Malice (Police Detective Kaga 1)
[Higashino Keigo] Newcomer (Police Detective Kaga 2)
[Gillian Flynn] Sharp Objects
[Chris Panatier] Stringers

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