Second day without almost any meetings. I feel a bit lost. There was this thing called 'focus', should I look into it?

We just launched at work. Let's see if it's as useful there as it is in OSS. Regardless, huge kudos to all contributors and maintainers!

Confession: I sometimes refrain from adding a comment in for comprehension only because it will break my beautiful vertical alignment. Sorry.

What's your opinion on Augusto Pinochet?

There is also D-Link DWR-2101, only half of the previous pile of gold :)

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Has anyone seen a mobile 5G router with wifi 6 support that buying which doesn't make a small country go bankrupt?
I only found Netgear nighthawk M5 that price-wise is exchangeable for a working car.

Is every 3rd party service provider a small tragedy or only the ones I happen to work with?


This is wild.

SpaceX and NASA are launching a rocket tomorrow to practice planetary defense in case we need to defend Earth from asteroids in the future.

A spacecraft will travel for 10 months & hit an asteroid at 15,000 mph to see how the rock's trajectory changes.



For the second time in my life I experienced "let me ask my supervisor if I can give you a discount" during telephone sales talk. Do they actually have supervisors or is it purely marketing trick?

Every time you post a reply on slack outside of a thread, god kills a kitty.

Hey, would be nice if your "Top xxx recommended for you" category (on sale page) didn't contain stuff I already have. Thanks.

You still agree on something that should be morally unacceptable.

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By relying on democracy there is 49% off people who are forced to do what they don't want to. Is 1% better? Probably yes but in the same way as killing 1% of people is better than killing 49%.

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Or we can stop accepting any compromises and go for 100% democracy. The only acceptable way of participating in anything is voluntary agreement. Democracy is just going an easy way because we don't have means to create really free society.

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"What you really want isn't a 51% democracy, it's a 99% democracy..."

This quote from is one of the most profound statements that really changes how I think about the future of communties & countries.


In terms of independent thinking, antivaxxers do relatively well at independent, now they should focus on actual thinking.

With all respect to my Turkish friends, halva still tastes like dust with sugar.

As new part was published, it's good time to remind you that Cradle is a really nice, lightweight and entertaining fantasy series that is also almost entirely free on Audible. Nothing spectacular but definitely worth checking.

After some time you learn to distinguish babies cries, at least between "I'm hungry" and "You dirty bigots, whole OSS is broken, I'm the only righteous person in the world".

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