Go and read this. Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
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Recently a couple of people have asked my opinion on copy-pasting code vs creating a shared library. Something I learned at the Guardian, which was quite an eye-opener at the time: copy-pasting code between projects is fine! It’s not a sin, and it can be beneficial.

I want to do "Offend a leftist American with one tweet" but realized it's like 26 options without going beyond one Latin letter. Too easy.

If you ever thought banks are "safe, secure and stable" you probably didn't ever integrate with (or work at) one.

Did you know all international transfers go through manual process?

You call it duplicated deposit of 150k EUR, they call it Tuesday.

Do mature software development teams exist? Every team I worked at was either forming or storming. There are always some improvements to make (e.g. to ci/cd), stuff to define (e.g definition of done) and so on.

I don't have a problem, just wondering if it's can be different.

Any way to make scalafmt NOT break the line if it contains a logging statement? Seriously

"my long string"

is as useless as it can be.

I'm in this tweet and I don't like it.
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Side project / new interest lifecycle:

1. Find out about it
2. Get all excited
3. Come up with all the cool shit I'm going to do with it
4. Start learning/implementing
5. Do it until 5am two days in a row
6. Keep repeating I'll get back to it any day now
7. Never touch it again

def identity[A](a: A): A = throw new Exception()
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Offend a programmer with a single tweet

Knowledge of Monad doesn't qualify you for Applicative job... Or actually it does, nvm.

Knowledge of Vector doesn't qualify you for a List job.

If you want a List job, write List code—there's really no substitute.

It shows my perspective.
If you apply for a job without relevant knowledge it might cause lower salary, or lower position, or lengthen the job searching, or all of the above... Or neither.

Everything depends on how good you are. Period.

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I was hired as a scala data engineer with only JEE experience.
I was hired as a microservices dev with only data engineering experience.
I hired scala data engineers with either no scala experience or no DE experience.
This doesn't prove anything but...

Ok, macs are acceptable, but for the god sake Steve, what the delete key did to you?

Ok, I really would like to dislike typescript (because js will still leak out and kick you in a face) but stuff like that don't let me.
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How to enforce the length of a generic array in TypeScript:

type MyArray<T, Length extends number> = Array<T> & { length: Length }

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I am hiring 5 .net dev’s in Toronto, Canada. C# and F# are the tools we are using to implement the cooperation strategy. I’d strongly prefer someone with F# background. And I am going to expand Shanghai team as well. Please stay tuned.

If someone calls job a ZIO job or a cats job, it's already lost cause. Your main skills should problem solving, domain modeling and learning. It's not sustainable to treat any technology as main factor, neither for employee nor for employer.
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Knowledge of Cats doesn't qualify you for a ZIO job.

If you want a ZIO job, write ZIO code—there's really no substitute.

It's great that you understand optics, recursion schemes, and monad transformers, but if you create 1kloc classes/functions/files you still have something to learn.

Decomposition matters.

We have a combo today:

1. There is a gathering ban in Poland (because covid)
2. Some politicians (president + some ppl from ruling party) broke it
3. Court decided its ok because the ban is unconstitutional anyway

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Are you using @Hibernate in your apps? Checkout our new video to find out how IntelliJ IDEA can help you with developing your Hibernate/JPA apps.


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