@martijnbraam @sir Exactly, that was my first thought, but didn’t dare to think I’d find it on YT.

@sir Oh, you mean The Planet... wouldn’t it be easier to turn Earth into Mars and just stay here? Oh sh*t, someone’s already got that idea 🤭

@sir Nice! Great to see resources like this. It's sad what happened to Eudyptula Challange (completed it 113rd with 14000 people attempting it at the time), and now it's stuck somewhere... :\

@sir I’m relieved 😅 Was about to cut the rope and deep dive into “hacker” email client after using it along with the “casual” one. Heck, once I had few weeks in vconsole only all day around, but meh... 😑

@sir Agreed. Got myself a Tuxedo laptop recently (Intel only graphics). I'm not picky, but the keyboard is terrible :(

First matcha attempt--spilled (frother). But tastes not too bad.

@sir Me boarding... your talk is super early in the day 😄 Hopefully I can make it 🤞Not a fan of stickers as I have nowhere to stick them on but will do my best to get yours.


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