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If you're new to Mastodon, did you quit Twitter because of the Elon purchase, create this as a backup, or intend to use both?

I've read the Alito draft now three times. I don't think most people understand this fully yet: This isn't just about the holding in Roe. Alito is laying the groundwork to provide a foundation by which the entire legal order of the past 100 years is eventually overturned. They're not looking to take us back to the 1950s, their destination appears to be the 1830s.

If you're female, gay, lesbian, black, brown, native, or poor, you should be very worried. And very prepared to fight.

Alito lays waste to what he calls "unenumerated rights" like privacy, the right to marry, and even the right to vote. These are all "unenumerated" in that the framers of the Constitution didn't specifically call them out, but were implied by the text of the Constitution.
His assault on things not "written into the Constitution" sets the stage to overrule centuries of stare decisis.
The magnitude of this decision -- should it issue as written -- cannot be underestimated.
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Roe is dead. Women are vessels for men and are not autonomous individuals anymore.
I read this draft opinion. If this is what issues from the Court in final form, this decision is breathtaking in its scope.
Gay marriage is unlikely to survive. And if the non-delegation doctrine is invoked, as expected, in W. Virginia v. EPA, then kiss the federal government goodbye as a functional thing.
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Interesting statistics.

What kind of baffles me is that people assume that Musk is a conservative or libertarian.

Yet, pinning down his precise political thinking is nearly impossible based on his public statements.

But regardless of where he lands politically in his heart of hearts, the world *thinks* he's a conservative. The Twitter data below proves that.

Remember Popper's Paradox: In a democracy the one thing that cannot be tolerated: fascists. There must be no room for such individuals in any aspect of society or governance.

We have the sum of human knowledge at our fingertips, and yet too many are marinating in ignorance, misinformation, and lies.

So grateful for this result.

Emmanuel Macron: 58.8%
Marine Le Pen: 41.2%

Emmanuel Macron wins reelection against the extreme right-wing candidate and Russian proxy, Marine Le Pen. The bullet Europe dodged with this victory cannot be understated. Le Pen wanted to remove France from the EU and NATO and reform elections in France to be more like that of Russia — which is to say, destroy democracy in the French Republic.

Vive la France!

If you're new to Mastodon, did you quit Twitter because of the Elon purchase, create this as a backup, or intend to use both?

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